Sunday , May 28 2023

Vidal moved into the new timbreo President Peron of & # 39; Cambiemos


This Saturday, before the scheduled time for the start of the match between River and Boca to the Copa Libertadores superffin, Cambiemos been stamped in the province & # 39; Buenos Aires, activities included the governor María Eugenia Vidal.

The president stamped in the city & # 39; Guernica, head of the party of President Peron, the third electoral section, accompanied by the councilor for Change & # 39; what distito, Guido Giana, who wants to govern the city currently in & # 39; hand the re-FPV Aníbal Regueiro.

"I came to hear & # 39; to President Peron neighbors in & # 39; re timbreo", said Vidal in his social networks. "Before I became governor I went to the province and I went to visit neighbors in their homes to talk", he added.

"Today, after 3 years & # 39; management, stay & # 39; going from neighborhood to share what we are doing, nisimhom and find together solutions," said the governor and concluded: "This is the team that we formed from the start and will therefore continue to change the Province. "

In turn, the master Guido Giana also broadcast activity on its networks. "Today we saw Guernica with & # 39; María Eugenia Vidal f & # 39; re stamp team. We talked with neighbors, who laqgħuna homes and told us about the change they need to live better", he said.

"We are close, listen and walk to build together the future", he said, and added: "We continue to work to change reach all residents of Gernika, in the Province come together. This is the commitment ours! We present, close. "

F & # 39; Avellaneda, and in the third section and with government & # 39; Kirchner, Cambiemos had timbreo with Health Minister & # 39; Buenos Aires, Andrés Scarsi and Senator Gladys Gonzales, who will compete for the municipality in the next elections. "As a team, we change our province", said the legislature after his tour of & # 39; Wilde.

F & # 39; Lomas de Zamora, where another intendant of FPV, Martín Insaurralde, regulate, was the candidate & # 39; Cambiemos to challenge that territory, the counselor and the Secretary of the Family Strengthening and Community Province, MERCUR Gabriel, who visited the neighborhood & # 39; Santa Catalina.

"Santa Catalina is one of the most important districts in & # 39; Lomas de Zamora, there is still much work & # 39; to make the neighbors, but we are here to say that they present", said the official.

In part Ramos Mejia, La Matanza, the Minister of Education of the Nation, Alejandro Finocchiaro, appeared. In part Garín Escobar, meanwhile, was deputy governor, Daniel Salvador, together with the Minister of Agronegozju province, Leonardo Sarquís.

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