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warn about the dangers of & # 39; exposure to sunlight


It is the national campaign for the prevention of & # 39; this disease, which is carried out today. From Dispensarju Dermatological stressed the importance of care should be taken to avoid this pathology.

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The National Campaign to Prevent Skin Cancer takes place from 20 to 23 & # 39; in November. For this reason, the Dispensarju Dermatological Province "Hersilia Casares de Blaquier" carry out activities to promote the means to be taken to prevent this disease and, in & # 39; this context, warned the dangers & # 39; exposure to sunlight.
The body dependent on Public Health to perform free examinations and award & # 39; information about the pathology through & # 39; brochures in the pharmacy premises, f & # 39; La Rioja 1491, in & # 39; this capital.
F & # 39; this sense, the director of Dispensarju Dermatology, Maria Dalurzo, said that "our institution is be of service to people, provide brochures with & # 39; of & # 39; preventive measures and sunscreen ".
"For the campaign, is take care of people who attend and do check-up without need to change", he added.
On measures of & # 39; prevention to prevent skin cancer, Dalurzo recommended that "not exposed from 10 to 16, as in & # 39; this time is when the sun is more b & # 39; strong and UVB and UVA penetrate further into the skin. "
He also clarified that "it is important to go to a dermatologist when there are spots or unusual moles on the skin." F & # 39; in this case, he warned that "the most common is that if you're in the presence of & # 39; suspicious mole that changes color, size and appearance, go to dermatologist."
On the other hand, recommended that it is important to take care of the skin with sunscreen are laboratories because they undergo checks to certify the quality of the product. He pointed out that protector b & # 39; feature & # 39; 40 or more should be used to avoid damage to the sun's rays on the skin generate.
He said that skin cancer "can & # 39; curable if treated in time, it is important to go to the doctor in & # 39; event & # 39; lesions moles or changes therein."
With the arrival of summer, it is recommended that "we do sunscreen every two hours, we will be exposed to long-term sun, and if going in the water, whenever you leave the pool or the beach, we put ourselves in the -ħarsien sun. "" the only way to avoid the damage caused by the sun is & # 39; use of & # 39; sunscreen ", remarked to Dalurzo.

How to be formed and x & # 39; is

This type of & # 39; cancer is formed in the skin tissues. Can & # 39; due to several factors, such as sunburn or repeated exposure to prolonged UV radiation. There are three main types of & # 39; skin tumors: cell carcinoma basal, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.
The basal cells is the most common type of & # 39; carcinoma cancer in humans and is associated with & # 39; skin is very spoiled sun, very white skin disagree but tiddaq red and fire and shells.
While squamous cell carcinoma appears more & # 39; often in white skins discomfort but not always red, with freckles and sun damage. Situated on the surface, the tip of the ears, the scalp and lips, b & # 39; in particular the lip of & # 39; below, more exposed to the sun.
Finally, type & # 39; melanoma evidenced by appearance & # 39; pigmentata small area on skin b & # 39; her health, or by changing the size or color & # 39; mole. The melanomi originate from melanocytes, cells that produce pigment (melanin) normal skin, f & # 39; areas near a mole or directly on a pre-existing mole.
This variety is the most serious. It is less frequent than the others, but can & # 39; be much more serious.

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