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"We do not know each other, but you speak the same, if naflek account": the emotional message & # 39; Diego Maradona Rodrigo Mora


Diego Armando Maradona wrote some words to move to Rodrigo Mora hours to finally announced his retirement from football to a hip injury. "We do not know each other, but you speak the same, if I naflek", Began to "fluff" the letter qsimt in your account Instagram.

"F & # 39; it m & # 39; there is no T-shirt colors and m & # 39; there is no question passion, I give you my full support, I hope to continue in football, allow yourself be ", Continued the game & # 39; Dorado de Sinaloa.

Maradona, In addition to giving encouragement to Uruguay for a difficult time going by, t he recalled the final stage of his own career football: "Her fight like fight it, I was very depressed, but is its hook and rebaħha. You have all the power in the world. I hope this year gives the opposite & # 39; what is happening to you. I am sending a big hug Uruguayan! "

Rodrigo Mora announced his retirement from football on Sunday. Of 31 years, the front River decided to leave the profession because of the constant pain that causes hip injury which was operated in 2017 and which had to undergo a long and complex process & # 39; recovery until returning to field.

In June 2017, Pedro Hansing, The river physician, Mora was reported to have suffered "aseptic necrosis in the femoral head", product heart attack bone. "Because of the refusal of blood flow in the femoral head necrosis is generated", t was specific to the professional, who then acknowledged that it did not damage normal athlete's usual & # 39; high performance.

"I live in & # 39; one of the worst days & # 39; my life, suffering and pain are constant and I can not. Ċedejt that I did not have and now I face second reality. I can not continue to keep the football. I have a knot in my chest and feel impossible to explain. I would like to retire with & # 39; otherwise. I know that arrived young complicated times, b & # 39; many decisions taken. But today I want to thank everybody. Son, my family, my friends, my colleagues, staff & # 39; training, leaders and fans love and support always given me, "he said. Mora in your letter goodbye

From your posting, Uruguayan received hundreds of words & # 39; praise from the current team players and former teammates River. The names range from small players to previous ones. From Sebastian Driussi for "Lobo" Ledesma, Nobody wanted to miss the opportunity to publicly express the importance of & # 39; in the Uruguay & # 39; lives.

The Mad River Rodrigo Mora

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