Thursday , December 9 2021

Weekend of love for Nico and Laurita Cabré Fernández – 12/01/2018


On Friday last, thanks to the insistence of & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli, the most expected sharing "Dancing": Flor Vigna (24) and Fernández Laurita (27) come face to face on program, talked about the photo scandal and They said everything.

After so many turns and turns, exposing the blondes theme in the program, and left nothing at all to speculation or mystery. And although both had a chance to speak, there was no approach to reconciliation or agreement between the two.

This was not the only division marked by the jury & # 39; "Dancing", after the confrontation with & # 39; Vigna was the lap & # 39; Viciconte Mica (29), who made his folk performance and the protagonist of & # 39; Sugar everyone ċaħħadlu not return a jury, is a direct in his note: five. And started a great discussion also included Florencia Peña (44).

The dancer decided to forget the conflicts jegħlbuha in his role as jury and decided to take the weekend to get away from scandals and relax with her boyfriend, actor Nicolás Cabré (38).

The couple got to enjoy a few days & # 39; rest to CARDALE and took the opportunity to treat each mimes at the edge of the pool, as shown on your Twitter account by journalist Ángel de Brito (42), member of the jury & # 39; Laurita in Dancing. "

Even the dancer decided to share video on the account & # 39; her Instagram showing it stay in the famous resort & # 39; CARDALE.

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