Thursday , December 9 2021

Wheels & # 39; Christmas turkey to space station


The Christmas turkey is working at the International Space Station, along with & # 39; cranberry sauce, Candied Yams and compulsory fruits.

In addition, the lost SpaceX rocket booster zone & # 39; his landing on the ground, and fell & # 39; sea, just off the coast.

The groans got SpaceX Mission Control in & # 39; Hawthorne, California, on Wednesday as live video showed that booster spinning out of control, remains high at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

It was the first landing & # 39; the lost art of the company, but passed on barges in & # 39; floating number & # 39; times in the past, most difficult thing to get.

Kritizzant of & # 39; SpaceX said it was "bummer" but noted that it was secondary to the main mission of the Falcon 9 rocket to bring the Dragon capsule on orbit.

The head & # 39; SpaceX Elon Musk said the booster appeared not good.

The hydraulic pump for the wings of the booster landing apparently stalled, noted by & # 39; Twitter.

12-floor landing & # 39; before & # 39; SpaceX, dating to 2015, were successful.

The disappointment was offset by a flight & # 39; the successful Dragon capsule and 2.5 tons & # 39; its load, which shall reach the space station on Saturday.

Addition of smoked turkey breast and other attachments for Christmas dinner, delivery includes 40 mice and worms 36,000 for muscle and aging studies.

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