Thursday , May 19 2022

Who has more of the plate champion, Boca or River?


They were leaders River, b & # 39; D & # 39; Onofrio head; the FIFA owner, Gianni Infantino; Angelic, Tapia and Domínguez, the CONMEBOL

The river authorities, led by Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, had lunch & # 39; yesterday with the president of FIFA, the Swiss Gianni Infantino; the owner & # 39; CONMEBOL, the Paraguay Alejandro Domínguez; the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia; and the owner & # 39; Boca, Daniel angelic.

The Lunch was served by River, through its official account & # 39; Twitter, under the grand final of the Copa Libertadores of & # 39; south against Boca. D & # 39; Onofrio and Jorge Brito, first vice president, were the visible surface of the river delegation crossed the meeting room of friendship with the leaders of the rival & # 39; detour f & # 39; restaurant in the vicinity of & # 39; Puerto Madero. The meal was f & # 39; protocol, but any relaxation. The presidents of & # 39; clubs and sent by the UEFA and Qatar, which will be the World Cup of 2022, also participated.


Infantino arrived in Argentina to attend the Superfinal will defines the Copa Libertadores champion and will concentrate the attention of fans worldwide.

"It's good to be able to & # 39; is with both clubs. This is an incredible final, fantastic and spectacular; You must nivvinta new words for this game. M & # 39; longer Superclassic, is megasuperclassic. This is like a final Earth, "said Infantino, marvellanti at the moment come to live.


The Confederation & # 39; America the & # 39; South (CONMEBOL) revealed yesterday two badges with the possible of champions names of the Copa Libertadores (Boca or River), the tire & # 39 ; each of the participating clubs and date. It is forecast & # 39; what will be the final major of the & # 39; this afternoon between the two teams most representative in the country. One of those "badges" will be placed immediately Cup, before forwarding it to the new champion.

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