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Why Bal lost faith with the presentation of & # 39; season? | DailyShow


The absence of strong & # 39; Federico Bal in summer season presentation & # 39; Del Mar Plata, held in the Teatro Colón, it set all alarms. The rumuri never missing and said that the son of & # 39; Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal he was absent so as not to cross paths with his former partners, Laurita Fernández and Barbie Velez.

In dialogue with & # 39; "Los Angeles de la Manana", the actor expressed what really happened "There were several reasons why I decided not to go. For starters, I was working in & # 39; that moment with & # 39; my father, we're revising the script. The second reason was that we believe that this magazine has women as the best representatives, so we decided to have them, neither father nor bicho Gómez nor me"

Bal faith with & # 39; his father and mother, Guillermo Marín and Carlos Rottemberg.

"And besides, b & # 39; clearly, the truth is that I had no desire to meet today & # 39; with people and then note. I am honest, tell the truth, what you feel. But note ended because it did not ", He added.

Finally he said: "Put on the scale and I asked myself: "X & # 39; tibdiluk prefer to say? Could not ask why and I do not want. Or I went and I met, other … & # 39 ;. I f & # 39, time to go in the & # 39; & # 39 with this, a scandal. it was the year that most & # 39; away from television and scandals"

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