Sunday , June 11 2023

Will become free checkups for wounds & # 39; suspicious skin in Julio Health Center Méndez de Bernal


Examinations will be made with & # 39; anything for suspicious skin lesions at the Health Center & # 39; & # 39 Julio Mndez in, Bernal

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Municipality & # 39; Quilmes respected 25 National Campaign for Prevention of Skin Cancer, organized by the Argentine Society of Dermatology. No cost or previous change, will attend all patients who voluntarily come to the consultation.

Municipality & # 39; Quilmes, through the Ministry of Health, joined the 25 National Campaign to Prevent Skin Cancer organized by the Argentina Society of Dermatology (SAD). F & # 39; this framework, Monday 26 & # 39; November 13, treatment with & # 39; nothing will be offered to all patients, without prior appointment, approaching the clinic for suspicious lesions the skin at the Comprehensive Health Center Méndez de Julio Bernal (9 & # 39; July 264).

From the field of Health are explained that, with the assets in the prevention, he sought to raise awareness about the importance of pursuing the dermatological control & # 39; moles and skin spots at least once a year .

The skin cancer is the most common type of & # 39; cancer in humans. In most cases it is treatable, is why it is important to have controls. One of its most important causes is exposure to the sun without protection or sunbeds. The most effective way to avoid it is education: know how, when and how to expose ourselves to the sun.

F & # 39; this sense, the SAD recommends avoiding sun exposure between 10 am and 4 pm and regularly use protection creams sunscreens block UVA radiation and UVB of & # 39, and the recognized quality factor & # 39; sunscreen (SPF) of which is greater than 30. The product should be applied to all skin 20 minutes before exposure and renewed every two hours with & # 39; dry skin. Furthermore, it is suggested to use a generous amount without forgetting sites like ears, lips and neck.

The campaign is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Nation and the Ministry of Health of the City & # 39; Buenos Aires.

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