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A woman has accused Duke on car crash in

The passenger who broke her wrist in car crashes involving Duke & # 39; Edinburgh says it wants to Prince Philip to face prosecution if found to be at fault.

Emma Fairweather, speaking on British TV, also said that the Duke is "very insensitive and inkonsiderat" having been turned while driving while was not wearing a seat belt a few days after the crash

"There needs to be a decision on whether Prince Philip and I are the same way & # 39; life here or not," she said.

"I consider that his treatment was the same as mine."

Ms Fairweather added that it was still waiting to give a statement to police. "I need someone to understand that I have medical concerns. I'm very worried that I was not asked to make a statement by the police, "she said.

It added that it had received a message from one of the ladies of Queen awaiting.

"Let me me voicemail was only an hour or two before became known my interview with the paper … to say that good xtaqtni Queen, and she would once again & # 39; recall but was going out for the evening . "

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It comes as the family of the driver and the child whose car was hit by a Land Rover & # 39 Philip, Prince Philip said: "They are lucky to be alive."

Near said the teacher Ellie Townsend, 28, who was at Kia with her son & # 39; nine & # 39; months and her friend Emma Fairweather, had suffered a "traumatic ordeal", reports The Sun.

The relative added: "It is fearful to think x & # 39; happened.

"It is still very agitated and wants to spend & # 39; & # 39 with time, her son and husband Shaun. The pair are lucky to be alive.

"They are doing as well as can be expected after a traumatic event.

The family of Mrs Townsend said not to criticize Philip, 97, the smash, which happened when drawn on a main road in Estate of Queen & # 39; Sandringham, Norfolk.

Its mum Deborah, 58, said: "We are trying nirrealizzawha."

Mrs Townsend was taken to hospital for treatment for an injury in the knee. Ms Fairweather, 46, broke a wrist.

Ms Townsend said The sun it received a voice message from the Queen awaiting the Queen, the last on her warmest wishes.

Buckingham Palace also said: "Full message was sent & # 39; support both the driver and the passenger."

The Prince Philip passed a breath test and vision test after logging.

But two days later he was driving spottat & # 39; replacement Land Rover without the his belt.

The latest of Norfolk Police said the Prince talked about it, and added: "Words & # 39; proper advice given to the driver."

– saw the Sun

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