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Brendon Hartley sacked, taking in & # 39; Toros, Silo silent Toro, Formula One


The driver of Formula One Kiwi Brendon Hartley took to social media after his bitter issue of the team & # 39; Toro Rosso, but his former employer has provided no official recognition of his contribution – or even its assay.

Hartley dismissed from the team on Tuesday when Toro Rosso announced Alexander Albons, who finished third in the Formula Two this year, is the new driver to join & # 39; Daniil Kvyat for season -2019.

With the company & # 39; 2018 partner & # 39; Hartley Pierre Gasly promoted in the Red Bull Formula One team, seemed likely that the winner & # 39; Le Mans and the World Endurance champion would ride for a second full season.

But after finishing the season in 19th place on the ranking of the championships drivers with 20 drivers & # 39; four & # 39; only nine points and in the & # 39; place in the southern United States in his best season, the departure of & # 39; 29 years was not a big surprise.

"Ħarejt circuit on Sunday with my head held high," Hartley posted on Twitter.

"I'm very proud about the story and my journey's & # 39; now but I have left feeling that I have unfinished business in F1. For the moment placed in & # 39; place. I've hit bumps speeds before and I am convinced strong though makes most situations b & # 39; her health. it also helps that I have a great crew & # 39; NZ support, family, friends and wife.

"I also want to thank my Rich trainer and nearly 500 staff in & # 39; his health of & # 39; Toro Rosso to gawddu work with & # 39; this season, the entire engineering team, mechanics, marketing, PR, logistics, hospitality crew, staff and of course on factory Honda Racing.

"I really appreciate the support received from fans around the world this year, I still have many more pages to write down my story and will unlock many opportunities in the next chapter."

The management & # 39; of & # 39 Hartley; Toro Rosso seem in comparison with the performance of the team in Formula One this season. Not mentioned the issue of Kiwi on the official website & # 39; Toro Rosso with his profile quickly removed.

"F & # 39; Honda name, I express my grace to Brendon for all its hard work this year," said Yamamoto Honda.

"Brendon is always friendly and charming person who immediately embraced the Japanese culture and way & # 39; Honda. He gave everyone a Honda so much strength and confidence in & # 39; that we are doing this year after several difficult seasons.

"Remember b & # 39; particularly when qualified sixth in our race in & # 39; Suzuka. This meant a lot to Honda.

"We'll nitilfuh and wish for the best for the future."

According to journalist Bob McMurray motorsport, performance & # 39; Hartley simply was not good enough and the Kiwi driver was shot to stay in Formula One test driver had to be.

"All seats now filled for the coming season, every seat talking with & # 39; effectively, so there will not be any seats in Formula One," said McMurray to Radio Sport.

"The best that can & # 39; is hoping to pick up a third driver role & # 39; test driver & # 39; team.

"He could & # 39; performed better, is really simple. I am not down on Brendon, I think it is a fantastic driver, but he simply could & # 39; told Gasly.

"So what kind of & # 39; wrap up his career certainly does Torró Rosso and Red Bull, probably in Formula One … maybe it's time to start looking at Brendon to pastures new."

Hartley made his debut & # 39; Formula One last season in the Grand Prix & # 39; the United States, which took place Gasly to drive before becoming a full-time replacement for Kvyat.

He registered his first Formula One Grand Prix at the & # 39; Azerbaijan in & # 39; April with 10 placement.

Hartley qualified second to last but moved to the top 10 in seven & # 39; drivers failed to complete the race.

The last time a driver & # 39; New Zealand came Formula One was Chris Amon at the Spanish Grand Prix of & # 39; 1976.

Hartley followed by what & # 39; 10 in the German Grand Prix at & # 39; July ninth & # 39; of & # 39; the best career in & # 39; Athens.

He had five withdrawals from its 21st race this year including assault & # 39; eagerness in the Grand Prix of Canada when it collided with the Williams driver's Mercedes Lance Stroll and was pushed into & # 39; thread lap of opening.

Hartley seems unlikely to find another team to drive Formula W next season.

The adverts driving all filled except for one b & # 39; Lance Stroll expected to be announced as the second driver alongside Force India & # 39; Sergio Perez.

This story first appeared in the New Zealand Herald and published again with permission.

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