Sunday , June 11 2023

Check out this exclusive look at the Infernal Leap of & # 39; Guild War 2 and win a new car


At a time when everyone is escaping from bugs in & # 39; other game, ArenaNet is trying to get everyone talking about bugs alone Guild Wars 2. F & # 39; in this case, it is for good reason. The bugs in question are to mount beetle roller. Just like back in & # 39; July, and tomorrow Guild Wars 2 launches five tracks as part of a sweepstakes & # 39; month in which the players can overcome those beetles for a bit & # 39; fame, glory and amazing, numerous awards in the real world. If you are lucky especially when events & # 39; "Roller Beetle Racing" jump on the 24 & # 39; December, you can & # 39; even run home with & # 39; 2018 Volkswagen Beetle.

You do not have the race if you want to get on the pleasure, as we joined & # 39; ArenaNet to get two of headsets Nari Ultimate New & # 39; Razer. We really iħobbhom when rrevedewhom f & # 39; in September, and we would like to nġibuhom on your heads.

Leap of faith

As the courses themselves, PCWorld ArenaNet invited to introduce the track "Infernal Leap", sending players to cut spicy volcanic bowels of Mount Maelstrom. The track begins quietly enough, with players racing through & # 39; of & # 39 points; control and enemy NPCs of the past seem to & # 39; make the action as armadillo on streets & # 39; Texas.

But act quickly warm. After a quick tour, players find themselves racing through & # 39; lava tubes and tortużi so narrow that it is impossible to do through them while speeding like a fastball. But excessive caution is discouraged: Not soon after, players need to build up enough speed to jump the pool & # 39; molten lava in the mountain core.

In an email, lead the Joe team Kimmes tell you that they planned the whole track across this gap: "The idea of ​​& # 39; jumped on the central room of the lava felt like a moment & # 39 ; classic stunt enough.

Like the other tracks, ArenaNet has built the course Infernal Leap across preexisting interior area Guild Wars 2, So Kimmes and his team had a breed of their roller beetles around the area several times before not rely on a route that prevents players filled. It surprised me a bit, frankly, since I was nistennejja all kinds & # 39; jumped designed and crazy obstacles when ArenaNet first told me about the track. I am especially surprised that there is at least one strap & # 39; flame. even Fortnite has that.

F & # 39; one point, Kimmes tells, road Infernal Leap was much more dangerous. Mount Maelstrom is usually the settings & # 39; dynamic event for regular players associated with the disease, and the volcano emitted if the players fail.

"The reduced vision and in heat damage to the heart became so great that it was impossible to pass it on beetle", he says. In response, ArenaNet increased gap & # 39; limited immunity for players who participated in the races.

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