Sunday , June 26 2022

Fast Method & # 39; Making Money / Gold Up to Date


Probably taken as clickbait it all on YouTube, Twitter, etc. and we are generally not doing making money guides but given the price of & # 39; some of the items Red Dead Online, and the fact that this method is and do so quite well. T involves glitching, here is a good way to make money & # 39; quickly.

Before we do this again, I want to give a big thanks to Michael (AKA LegacyKillaHD) for DMing me this method and letting ngħarrfok about it, go see his channel for Red Dead content is fast.

Disclaimer & # 39; Disclaimer: This method involves a lot liin, if you're up for it, and continue to make & # 39; again & # 39; begin your character Red Dead Online. However, transfers & # 39; money on – but stats do not.

First, you must complete 6 missions & # 39; the main story you have around Level 8. These missions & # 39; 6 stories give you $ 450 (depending on how fast you travel) and 0.7 gold bars. Once you have done so, you & # 39 choose to move on to the next step or stay & # 39; reach level 10 to be able to & # 39; complete the treasure map to receive $ 100 and a random amount of & # 39; gold.

Once you've taken, press start, go players, and keep ⬜ / X to delete your character. The money carried to new characters similar to GTA Online. Now, agħmelha again as much as & # 39; is.

Only the completion of the six main story missions more and more will take you between 2.5 and 3 hours each character means making $ 400-500 per 2.5 hours or more, making up 1.3 gold per 2.5 hours. It's pretty good way to make money, unfortunately many grindy.

F & # 39; hands. We just thought that we we will share it for those who do not take in & # 39; itħnu their minds and want to make money quick and easy. Considering some races give only $ 2.50 or so, this is a viable option.

Thanks again & # 39 others, Michael.

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