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Princess Diana visiting significance & # 39; Sydney

Princess Diana had a strong influence on how Prince & # 39; William and her son Prince Harry grown and her passion for helping others is something that both continued.

Less than a year before his death, was in & # 39; Sydney to attend b & # 39; private way of raising event & # 39; & # 39 funds; Victor Chang and podcast of Windsor 9Honey explored because it was so important occasion.

The world was shocked by her passing, but we Australians mourned her as "our princess" Juliet Rieden, Royal correspondent and author & # 39; The Royals in Australia explained.

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Diana spoke at the event and speech & # 39; cooling the crowd.

"Take just blow the & # 39; eye to the TV, or newspapers to realize that most of the news is silent news, from international issues to domestic disputes, there is so much to be concerned about", she said, "Tonight we some good news to celebrate. "

REIDEN explain why the speech was so significant.

The passion & # 39; Princess Diana for charity and support others had passed on to her children. (Getty)

"She was so beautiful then, and she looked well herself, she went through all this and she would come out the other side", explained.

"Here was this the young to use it – yes celebrity but also its special relationship with the public to really push her charities and to really work with & # 39; new way to think our children have now taken b & # 39; way very clear ", said REIDEN.

Both William and Harry used their public profile to bring awareness to charities and issues including mental health, conservation and even events like Invictus Games.

Prince Harry and Prince William are strong supporters of the charity. (AP / AAP)

Prince Harry founded the Games in 2014, after which all saw how sport can & # 39; help inspire recovery and rehabilitation & # 39; service people and injured women.

Experience & # 39; 34 years in the army helped get upset suffered after the death of & # 39; his mother, Princess Diana.

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