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Residents said leaving Gracemere, Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach, Oyster Creek, Finch Hatton


UPDATE 11.20pm: Queensland Police advised Highway & # 39; Bruce – south & # 39; Mount Larcom – will remain & # 39; closed overnight until at least tomorrow.

The fire front has passed the road, but police determined number & # 39; burning trees may still be a & # 39; threat to drivers.

10.30pm: QFES advised residents & # 39; Deepwater, baffle Creek, Rules beach and Oyster Creek to leave now 10: 30 pm.

"Currently at 10.30pm Wednesday 28 & # 39; November, extremely large and intense fire is spreading in & # 39; direction south to Road Coast. The fire can & # 39; have a significant impact on the community, "said QFES.

"The fire crews are working to keep the fire but firefighters may not be able to protect any property. M & # 39; have to wait firefighter at your door. The energy service, the water and phone can & # 39; lost. "

The firefighters are conducting operations & # 39; backburning near Beach Road Rules.


The Regional Council & # 39; Rockhampton said at 10:30 pm Wednesday are seeing many messages roads to Gracemere reopened – this is wrong. Residents m & # 39; should try to ride back to Gracemere.

The police recommended that the roads in Gracemere remain closed overnight b & # 39; obstacles in place.

10: 00: Residents & # 39; Mount Larcom home town evakaw can not return to their homes because the Highway & # 39; & # 39 Bruce remains; closed as firefighters frustrate the intense blaze.

QFES recommended bushfire traveled through the city & # 39; Mount Larcom, and residents in the east of the community must be willing to follow the plan & # 39; their bushfire survival and prepare to leave.

At 9pm, bushfire came from Mount Larcom and traveling in & # 39; a south-easterly direction along the Gladstone Mount Larcom Rd and on both sides of Highway & # 39; Bruce.

Currently working at the city & # 39; Yarwun.

bushfire in Darlymple Heights you & # 39; worsen and residents are being told to prepare to leave.

At 9: 20 pm, there was a large fire in the direction east and west to Schumann Rd and Rd in Chelmans & # 39; Darlymple Heights.

Meanwhile, the Group & # 39; the Local Disaster Management & # 39; Rockhampton advised by Queensland Fire and Emergency Service that no property was damaged Gracemere fire as a result – but at Gracemere roads remain closed.

QFES also informed the LDMG the most updated information about the fire fell Gracemere.

About 400 attended evakuees refuge in Rockhampton Showground with the Red Cross and the Council staff on site.

Another update is expected to be provided later tonight on the conditions.

20:00: The authorities declared emergency across the EU Gracemere area as a dangerous bushfire bears on the town, 11km southwest of & # 39; Rockhampton.

Police Statement & # 39; Queensland said that the statement was made under the Act on Public Safety and Conservation in 3.50pm.

The area residents are encouraged to evacuate to Rockhampton Showground and register with police.


Several homes and structures in Gracemere were in & # 39; & # 39 serious risk, burning in the land because the authorities warn that the wave conditions & # 39; x heat & # 39; likely last until next week.

The firefighters are working hard to overcome blaze on Stanwell who moved to the area & # 39; near Gracemere Rockhampton. Residents also were told to leave.

7pm, about 80 percent of the community & # 39; Gracemere had "avoided b & # 39; a safe and sensible way" to the Rockhampton Showground.

The Commissioner of the Fire and Emergency Services of & # 39; Queensland, Catherine Carroll, said the catastrophic habitat & # 39; animals presented a serious risk to homes and structures in the area.

"We close 200 fires today, "she said.

"The early indications are, so we expect (the buildings affected). There are some structures that perhaps on the outskirts of the city already affected. F & # 39; Kabra, also seen.

"X & # 39; it is the difficulty I have is, we can not make that assessment of the damage b & # 39; accurate way until we get back and the operations are taking place as we speak."

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the hot conditions x & # 39; likely to persist until next week.

"We expect to be in & # 39; that heatwaves until at least the following Tuesday," she said.

"There will be very serious conditions … now & # 39; now".

Dianna EADIE The Bureau of Meteorology said the winds were predicted to alleviate tonight and there was a lower risk & # 39; more storms.

"We also lose the potential for severe storms based that can catch fire more," she said.

"There are still many fire hazards at many of the state."

Temperature SOAR AS HOT blow WEST


The Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged residents to follow all directions by authorities to evacuate.

He said the plan & # 39; of the Commonwealth disaster assistance has been activated, with the assistance to be provided by the Australian Defense Force and the financial assistance will be on its way.

The fire-fighting brigades were sent to the state of New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and Western Australia.

Mr Morrison urged residents & # 39; Gracemere to Rockhampton to evacuate if instructed by authorities to do so.

"I know it will be & # 39; very distressing for them and their families but know this. The whole country is for your help. The whole country is there to help in & # 39; this time & # 39; desperate need ", he said.

"The message that I think are important to Australians today, and b & # 39; in particular Queenslander, north & # 39; Queensland, and central & # 39; Queensland, is to simply take the advice . You & # 39; re & # 39; to build a house but can not get & # 39; to build a family. "

He said the ADF in & # 39; s Amberley was providing support & # 39; now, as he had seven & # 39; aircraft from NSW.

Financial assistance was also triggered by & # 39; mutual funds for disaster recovery.

"Were activated, particularly in & # 39; fields & # 39; Gladstone, and providing financial support to suffering and personal hardship and helps in & # 39; number & # 39; of & # 39 operations, against disasters were provided by the government & # 39; Queensland. "

Mr Morrison said that he or the Deputy Prime Minister had no immediate plans to visit the area.

"The advice to us is that we need people to focus on the firefighting effort and the firefighting response, so we will continue to monitor and manage things from – f & # 39; terms Commonwealth response from Canberra to work closely with he said.

She stood a small piece of & # 39; good news from – Deepwater fire, with QFES in 6:20 of & # 39; evening to alert warning & # 39; for bushfire baffle Creek and & # 39 areas, deep water of "Situation & # 39; Emergency" to "Watch and Act" by the Fire Service and Emergency & # 39; Queensland.

Does the Service & # 39; & # 39 Rural Fire; Services of & # 39; Emergency & # 39; Queensland declared that The regions & # 39; Capricorn Central Highlands and Coalfield As under threat & # 39; catastrophic fires, the highest level on the scale.

Eight thousand people are being evacuated from Gracemere, close Rockhampton, With Commissioner & # 39; Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Katarina Carroll said the state was in & # 39; & # 39 conditions; catastrophic fire.

The paramedics are jevakaw about 80 seniors from home & # 39; & # 39 in retirement, Malta Gracemere. It is understood 20 require transport & # 39; mini-bus and will be taken to Rockhampton Showground.

The controller & # 39; Rockhampton SES, Eddie Cowie, said there are two fire fronts located at Gracemere and Stanwell near the Motorway & # 39; Capricorn.

"This fire will increase by only & # 39; significantly with his intensity," said Cowie.

The fire caught the region by surprise, he said, causing much concern.

But residents were asked to stay calm.

Gracemere never saw the mandatory evacuation in history & # 39; 150 years.

"Never ever f & # 39; this state was in & # 39; this situation before", said Commissioner Carroll.

"We've had a catastrophic level. This is not earnestly waters."

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk afternoon said the state was experiencing conditions & # 39; fire never seen before in the state.

"This is the first time that we in this category & # 39; Windland," she said.

"Unprecedented, not designed.

"There is rapid fire Stanwell to Gracemere.

"We announce evacuation from Gracemere to Rockhampton.

"The conditions are catastrophic. We need evacuation ordered by Gracemere to Rockhampton Showground. "

close 200 bushfire are burning across the state, b & # 39; many have destroyed several properties.

Twenty data from Central Queensland state schools were closed at the request of & # 39; of & # 39 services; emergency as conditions worsened in the region, and will be closing tomorrow.

Catholic and independent schools also indicated that their schools in the affected areas will not be opened.

Full details can be found here.


Residents & # 39; in town – Island Gladstone Region told to leave their homes as soon as wet approach Ambrose.

The "intensive fire that quickly moves" traveling in & # 39; southwesterly direction towards Mount Larcom and is currently having an impact on Taylors Lane just three kilometers from the town.

The fire is expected to have a significant impact on the community.

Meanwhile, the police & # 39; Queensland advised that the Highway & # 39; Bruce is completely closed in both directions in a small town in the region & # 39; Gladstone.

The highway was closed entirely from Taylors Lane south to the city & # 39; Mount Larcom.

QPS encourages people to consider stopping at & # 39; alternative roads.


Does the & # 39; emergency services are & # 39; warning that lightning storms back with attacks in regions & # 39; Kapricornja and Central Highlands and coalfield have the possibility to produce weather conditions & # 39; very dangerous fire.

These fires have the potential to quickly become dangerous because of the strong winds, and the & # 39; emergency services are reinforcing the message that the danger of fire will not continue & # 39; running until late evening.

Four & # 39; other regions along the east coast of & # 39; Queensland are under conditions of & # 39; severe fires.

Families affected by bushfire near Rules beach and baffle Creek will be eligible for financial assistance.

The State Government announced packages ranging from $ 180 to $ 900 for individuals and for families who lost their homes or possessions.


Buxkiel started near Main Beach on North Stradbroke Island afternoon, with authorities saying that residents regularly check for updates.

Queensland Fire and & # 39; Emergency services said the fire was in the vicinity of & # 39; Eighteen Mile Swamp, South & # 39; Alfred Martin Way, near Main Beach in 3.25pm.

"People in the area will be affected by the smoke, which will reduce the visibility and air quality," said QFES statement.

"The properties are under direct threat in & # 39; this time. Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if you believe that you or your property is threatened."

Does the & # 39; emergency services are also advise residents of the suburb & # 39; Gold Coast of & # 39; Oxenford to be ready to leave their homes after a bushfire started burning bushland near homes.

Statement & # 39; of & # 39 Fire; Queensland and & # 39; Emergency Services at 4.55pm urged that residents in the suburb & # 39; Gold Coast prepared for the worst.

At 4.55pm, the fire was burning from the east at the corner of & # 39; Yallaroi Kopp Rd and Rd to Bass Sturt St and Court.


Residents in – city & # 39; Carmila, In – south & # 39; Mackay, Are the latest in the state should be encouraged to leave the home.

The Fire of & # 39; Queensland and the Services & # 39; Emergency in 6:10 of & # 39; evening issued a warning saying that residents execute the plan & # 39; their bushfire survival or evacuate.

"Currently 6.10pm on Wednesday 28 & # 39; November, dangerous and unpredictable fire burns near Carmila West Road, traveling in & # 39; west direction Leichardt Barbour Creek Road and Road", said with statement.

Those two X & # 39 areas, likely to be affected within two hours.

residents in High & # 39; Dalrymple – to the west & # 39; Mackay – were warned beforehand to leave the area and not return because of the large fire escaping near Blacks Rd.

The fire spread in & # 39; East and East direction towards Schumann and Chelmans Rd Rd and can & # 39; have a significant impact on the community.

QFES warns that firefighters might not be able to protect any property.

Residents in the area will be affected by the smoke, reducing visibility and air quality.

"People must evacuate through & # 39; Mackay Eungella Rd f & # 39; eastern direction," warns QFES.


of – of – a small fishing community residents & # 39; & # 39 of Queensland; Rules beach who refuse to evacuate were told by a frustrated police can "burn to death" when the massive bushfire reach the area.

More than 1000 people have already left their homes near – Deepwater fire, south & # 39; Agnes Water on the central coast & # 39; status, from this morning. But many others are ignoring pleas to flee for safety and some residents are in the direct path of hell, even after the police welcomed the doors at night.

Among these fruit producer & # 39; Queensland are preparing to defeat massive bushfire racing to his garden in & # 39; Deepwater as authorities warn b & # 39; urgently to their neighbors in need evacuate if they want to survive.

Producer & # 39; Macadamia Robert Griffith says there is heat in the north to the north east is exploiting fire, which is only three kilometers & # 39; away, to the property.

"The wind is warm and dry, you & # 39; leave the fire smell, you & # 39; to see the heads fly and all farms are littered with & # 39; leaves burnt by the last few days ", he said.

"In a straight line is only three kilometers & # 39; away, we've probably half an hour to an hour."

Mr. Griffith said that nine & # 39; staff will stay and fight blocking approaching but their families left the fire ground.

The team is establishing fire extinguishers and platforms & # 39; spray to pull on the dam and the village, he said.

"Everyone is pretty tired but we are closely united team, so the spirits & # 39; everybody are really high," he said.


About 50 property in the area have residents who refuse to leave, which is frustrating authorities.

The Deputy Police Commissioner Bob Gee said that officials were making last sweep of the area, but after residents will be alone.

"If you have children with you, you need to think really hard not to titlefx home, but lose people you love most about", said Mr. Gee.

"People burn to death. Their usual approaches probably not work if the situation develops the way it is envisaged to develop. It is different for cyclone of & # 39; Category 5 following your door.

"The beach can & # 39; not a safe option. Leave now."

there are concerns Hills Road Bridge, Which is the only bridge & # 39; land that connects the area, will be destroyed in the fire, and break every chance & # 39; escape for locals to stay.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the group will have a window of & # 39; hour to use bridge & # 39; and a small access road to leave.

That bridge and the road are expected to close as soon as the conditions in heat & # 39; south.

"You must leave now", said Ms Palaszczuk.


Rules Residents of the sea and Deepwater were forced to flee to Miriam Vale say that the authorities are not jgħiduhom nothing.

Residents who spoke with & # 39; The Courier-Mail say that attended two community meetings in recent days but still m & # 39; have an idea whether their homes are still standing or not.

One resident, who did not want mentioned & # 39 ;, said the authorities were "very secret" about the current situation.

Felt that the "political" nature & # 39; emergency was holding local officials from telling everything to the residents.

meeting is expected to community Miriam Vale 2pm.


The warning led to an evacuated some residents to consider to escape by sea, while some rules are removed from the beach by & # 39; SES boat.

The boats are believed to trapped residents are recovering failing to emerge from Beach Rules road this morning. Being taken in the southern part of & # 39; Baffle Creek, told The Courier-Mail.

Sally Ehrlich manages the Park Caravan Park & ​​# 39; Baffle Creek, and & # 39; now refuse to leave, said the park is well cleaned and not susceptible to fire. About nine & # 39; now people are at the park, which is stated on Baffle Creek itself.

Mrs. Ehrlich says the creek is the route & # 39; rescue & # 39; emergency.

"We have boats galore," she said.

"We will have people on the boat, on Winfield (across the creek), that is the best we can do.

"We expect a lot more fires still, for us (to leave)."

"The beach will not be secure.

"The window to leave is fast closing. We expect a change in the wind and fire is increasing b & # 39; dramatically."


a small central city residents & # 39; & # 39 of Queensland; AmbroseIn – west & # 39; Gladstone, Told to leave immediately from the & # 39; emergency services by the bushfire continue to destroy that part of the state.

The warning & # 39; bushfire, which was released at 1:55 of & # 39; morning by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, said there was something that came to the cities & # 39; Ambrose and Mt Larcom.

THE RESIDENTS ARE EXPECTED & # 39; & # 39 attention they deserve; ACQUIRED & # 39;

The Minister for the Fire and Emergency Services, Craig Crawford, also said that residents who stayed were suffering death by staying.

"We expect a bad day, m & # 39; there is no easy way to say so", said ABC radio this morning.

"What we expect in & # 39; Washland today is the type & # 39; conditions (those other states) have seen in the past – these are the type & # 39; days where in- people may lose their lives. "

The warning & # 39; bushfire warning was upgraded to & # 39; QFES emergency and is urging local media to use the sign & # 39; & # 39 warning; standard emergency on the air.

The Minister of Fire Services and Emergency, Craig Crawford, said the conditions in fakkruh area fires of & # 39; Ash Ermgħa in Victoria who experience it as a firefighter.

"I am sure some people probably got very good systems and elaborate & # 39; pumps and dams and systems and they believe that" I & # 39; ll BE OK and I know X & # 39; I'm doing and did it before "said the -Sur Crawford.

"Today m & # 39; is one of those days. Today is different. We expect fire awakening."

The fire revival x & # 39; likely create "dead zones" that is impossible to live, even in & # 39; vehicle.

"This is basically a space where you where humidity, temperature, fire opens the own weather cell and become an area almost can not be for a short period & # 39; time," said young Mr. Crawford.

"It's kind of & # 39; conditions vehicle can consume very quickly … if we get through today and kellnahom will be so fortunate if not funny".

It Superstendent as the head of the & # 39; & # 39 Fire Service; Queensland Paul Sheath confirmed that at least one home was lost throughout the night baffle Creek.

He said "about 20 to 30 percent" of the community is refusing to leave.

They or underestimate the blaze or do not want to leave their pets.

"Find shelter, and tried to fight the fire, enacted to your bushfire plan and call triple-0," said Supt Cover.

"Can & # 39; it's too late if you f & # 39; this situation."

Yesterday yesterday proved to & # 39; fruit for breeders fire extinguisher built lines & # 39; Strong containment around the fire.

The outbreak hardly moved last night but today is expected to be the worst this week.

Conditions & # 39; strong and gusty storm x & # 39; likely to watch fire outbreak by & # 39; a & # 39; containment lines.

More than 80 fires are burning across – state, but – Deepwater and another fire DalrympleIn – west & # 39; Mackay, Are & # 39; the greatest concern.

The extremely large and intense fighting in & # 39; Deepwater is expected to have an impact on the Baffle Creek, Rules beach and Oyster Creek Morning.

"We are asking those residents who are choosing to stay in place, we are trying to give them advice for their safe option is not going", said Assistant Commissioner of QFES, Gary McCormack, to the Ninth & # 39; Network.

"We can not guarantee that we'll keep that fire under the conditions currently live. So their safest option is not to their property. The preservation of life must be their highest priority in & # 39; this stage. "

The Commissioner QFES, Katarina Carroll, said that it was incredibly frustrating to have constantly urging residents to leave a dangerous situation with & # 39; clearly.

"We predicted that the circumstances and the conditions today will be awful," said Ms. Carroll.

"I ngħidilna, I am overcome just about delivering the message with & # 39; constant way to leave now. So I urge you once again, to leave now."

The interstate crews arrived yesterday to help combat Hell in central Queensland that destroyed homes and washed from & # 39; at least 20,000 hectares of & # 39; bush and farmland from Saturday.

Eight aircraft, including massive plan & # 39; waterbombing, can & # 39; withstand 15,000 liters at a time, and are fighting the fire.

Other crews from the South & # 39; Australia are expected to arrive today, and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk indicate that you & # 39; seek help from the army.


Queensland appearing to unprecedented fire conditions today, since more than 80 fire burn across the state.

The communities & # 39; Deepwater and surround on the central coast & # 39; Queensland told to leave as soon as the bushfire continued to advance.

The Fire of & # 39; Queensland and Services & # 39; Emergency morning updated their warning to "leave immediately" for residents & # 39; Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Oyster Creek and Beach Rules.

"Leaving immediately is the safer option, because it will soon be too dangerous to drive", said the warning.

"If m & # 39; you are in the area, did not return, because the conditions are too dangerous."

The QFES said "large and extremely intense fire is traveling in & # 39; northwesterly direction towards Muller Street. It is expected to have an impact Baffle Creek, Oyster Creek and Beach Rules in times to come. The fire is expected to have a significant impact on the community.

"All Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Oyster Creek Beach Rules and residents must evacuate in & # 39; westerly direction at Miriam Vale using & # 39; Tablelands Road and Road fingerboard.

"Il-qsim ta 'Hills Road, Coast Road u Oyster Creek Road, Baffle Creek kien mhedded, iżda l-pompieri rnexxielhom jevitaw li n-nirien jinfirxu lejn il-qsim f'dan il-ħin.

"Il-kundizzjonijiet issa huma perikolużi ħafna u l-pompieri dalwaqt ma jistgħux jimpedixxu l-avvanz tan-nar. In-nar jista 'jkun ta' theddida għall-ħajjiet kollha direttament fit-triq tiegħu.

"L-ekwipaġġi tan-nar jistgħu ma jkunux kapaċi jipproteġu l-propjetà tiegħek. M'għandekx nistennew tifi tan-nar fil-bieb tiegħek: taġixxi issa.

"Is-servizz tal-enerġija, l-ilma u t-telefonija ċellulari jista 'jintilef u l-kundizzjonijiet tat-toroq jistgħu jsiru perikolużi ħafna matul is-sigħat li ġejjin."

Il-QFES dalgħodu ħarġet twissija għal Dalrymple Heights, u għidilhom li r-residenti jitilqu issa jekk ma kellhomx pjan ta 'sopravivenza tal-bushfire.

Fil-5 am, in- "nirien kbar" kienu qed jivvjaġġaw minn Boons Road lejn Chelmans Road, fit-Tramuntana ta ' Għoli ta 'Dalrymple. Ikompli jimpjega Snake Road u Chelmans Road. In-nar jista 'jkollu impatt sinifikanti fuq il-komunità, il-QFES wissiet.

L-ekwipaġġi tan-nar ħadmu matul il-lejl biex jipproteġu proprjetajiet tul Snake Road u Chelmans Road u se jkunu fuq ix-xena darb'oħra llum iżda l-QFES qal li r-residenti ma jistennewx tifi tan-nar fil-bieb tagħhom u ħeġġeġ lil residenti biex jitilqu.

Jidħol wara li l-Premier bieraħ ħeġġeġ lil residenti affettwati biex jitilqu u għarrfu lil kull Sindku ta 'Queensland qabel il-kundizzjonijiet estremi mistennija llum.

"Jiena naf li xi nies jistgħu ma jkunux iridu jitilqu mid-djar tagħhom. Naf li din hija sitwazzjoni estremament diffiċli iżda għandi bżonn li jekk jogħġbok jekk jogħġbok, tisma 'lill-awtoritajiet u trid tħalli immedjatament, "Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk qal it-Tlieta wara nofsinhar.

Extreme conditions are expected across the state on Wednesday as the wave of & # 39; heat continues.

Of & # 39; particular concern, a trough moving from the west to the coast.

"This is generating storms and lightning, but unfortunately not a lot of rain. So those attacks & # 39; dry lightning are the most likely to catch fire as move to the coast," said the Queensland state leader in Meteorology Office Bruce Gunn.

"Qed tagħmel dak fl-intern (it-Tlieta) u eqreb lejn il-kosta (nhar l-Erbgħa). Hemm arja aktar niexfa wara dik il-ħawt u li żżid biss il-periklu tan-nirien flimkien ma 'l-instabbiltà toħloq sitwazzjoni qawwija u perikoluża ħafna. "

QFES Inspector Andrew Sturgess said conditions were unprecedented in Queensland.

"Għandna taħlita ta 'elementi perikolużi allinjament (nhar l-Erbgħa). Bidliet fir-riħ, instabbiltà, qawmien tan-nifs, lottijiet ta 'perikli qabel in-nirien, dawn m'huma bl-ebda mod biss ġurnata ħażina, dawn huma kundizzjonijiet rekord, dawn huma kundizzjonijiet estremi li jħobbu li qatt ma rajna qabel f'Windland. "

The government made the rare step & # 39; briefing every mayor from across the state, b & # 39; anticipation for these dangerous conditions on Wednesday.

Il-Kummissarju tal-QFES, Katarina Carroll, qal li 107 persunal mill-NSW ġew skjerati fiż-żona tal-Ilma ta 'Agnes (it-Tlieta) u kien hemm aktar għajnuna fit-triq.

Ir-residenti ta 'Finch Hatton, fil-Wied ta' Pioneer fil-punent ta 'Mackay, setgħu jirritornaw lejn djarhom madwar 9.30pm, peress li ma kienx hemm aktar theddid għall-proprjetajiet. L-ekwipaġġi tan-nar se jibqgħu fix-xena matul il-lejl.

Hundreds & # 39; extra officers come from NSW in the coming days, while Ms Carroll said that 225 officials were asked by x & # 39; anywhere else.

"What we have is the combination of the most horrific conditions in the next 48 hours", she said.

"The combination of climate, heat, fire is just absolutely awful.

"The heatwaves continues to run for a few days. M & # 39; there is no rain in & # 39; this, and m & # 39; there is no respite."

The weather office has provided conditions & # 39; thermal heat from Thursday Island to Toowoomba.

The cities from the Northern Territory to the east coast border are projected to temperatures & # 39; over 40C until Monday. Townsville rreġistra l-aktar ġurnata sħuna tiegħu ta 'Novembru bieraħ, fi 41.7C.

Hekk kif l-agħar bushfire ċentrali ta 'Queensland baqa' on his property, Reiser Mark of & # 39; Deepwater only had time to take a photo of his children and his little mate, Emily-the joey.

Mr. Reiser is one of more than 1500 people displaced from community & # 39; Deepwater, about 60km north of & # 39; Bundaberg, unprecedented bushfire.

Students and teachers were yesterday forced to take refuge inside the classroom in Primary School Eungella following road closures.

Bniedem minn sittin tifla tan-Nofsinhar tal-Awstralja, flimkien mal-persunal tat-Tim tal-Ġestjoni tal-Inċidenti u kmandant se jtiru lejn Queensland illum biex jgħinu fit-theddida li għaddejja bushfire madwar l-istat.

Il-kontinġent tat-tifi tan-Nofsinhar Awstraljan huwa mistenni li jitlaq mill-ajruport ta 'Adelaide wara nofsinhar.

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