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Search for & # 39; Police searching f & # 39; NSW for her body missing after leaving


The forensic police began searching and digging in the outskirts of & # 39; & # 39 city; New South Wales after receiving new information on the disappearance and murder suspect & # 39; Roxlyn Bowie.

The mother & # 39; both ends of the house her family in & # 39; Walgett, in northern NSW, f & # 39; June 1982 after a dispute with her husband John Bowie.

Ms Bowie, a & # 39; 31 years, was last seen leaving her home in & # 39; between 6pm on Saturday 5th & # 39; June. Later in the afternoon, was seen hanging clothes on the line.

She was reported missing by her husband the next day.

"The Force & # 39; Strike Force maluka Crime Crime State Serious and Force & # 39; Strike Serious Crime Serious examine exactly dam, near the intersection of & # 39; Wee Waa and Wareena, and industrial site, with search expected to continue over the coming weeks. statement Monday night

The dam began digging began Monday morning, and forensic anthropologist is on standby in case any human remains are discovered.

An analysis in & # 39; & # 39 in Dubbo, in September 2014 found that Mrs Bowie had died but the cause of death was not determined.

More than 36 years after finishing her body never found.

Earlier this month, the NSW government offered & # 39; & # 39 prize; $ 1 million for information to help her bring her case closely.

Mrs. Bowie daughter, Brenda Boyd exposed the public to tell investigators what they know so they can "finally have justice for Mum".

"There have been 36 long years without his mother there for birthdays, holidays and special events", said Ms Boyd, who was six at the time of her disappearance.

"Tragically, brother Warren left and will never know x & # 39; happened to our beloved mother.

"It is not fair that we got the most of our lives without us know why it was taken. I urge people to put themselves in my position and realize how important it is to find the truth."

Theft and Commander Serious Crime Squad, the Ditektiku Superintendent Daniel Doherty urged anyone with information to contact Strike Force Maluka.

"Roxlyn was beloved and devoted mother and daughter left behind struggling to piece together how she could seemingly disappear into thin air," Det Supt. Doherty said.

"We believe that there are people who know exactly what happened to him but may be afraid or reluctant to share that information with the police.

"Now is the time to get the truth & # 39; and those with & # 39; information to contact the police."

The man & # 39; before Mrs. Bowie, John Bowie of & # 39; 68, now lives in & # 39; Toowoomba. In an interview with & # 39; current affair last month, Mr. Bowie was asked if he killed his wife.

"No I did not, I did not naqtolha. I have no idea where he is or what happened to it. I swear on the Bible, I had no work & # 39; intersects with & # 39; disappearance & # 39; Roxlyn , "said the former ambulance officer to reporter Simon Bouda.

Six days after the disappearance of his wife, Mr. Bowie applied for a transfer to Sydney. He was sent to Bankstown, where he met & # 39; and then visited another woman.

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