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Serena Williams until the final quarter to beat Simona Halep after

Three steps from the tunnel went in pursuit. Oops, that's not me. Williams, wheeled on its heels and withdrew into the tunnel. Awkward.

Halep literally left after the death of Williams, as figuratively and literally was where her career.

World number one? Pfft. S & # 39; are the rankings when someone plays with 23 title & # 39; grand slam, leaving you in their shadow … or unloaded outside as they tunnel.

Simona Halep world was the first play Serena Williams, the first player one & # 39; each time. The top four & # 39; at worst, but apparently only the 16th best player in & # 39; Melbourne.

It has not reduced competition either player. Halep lost but was not beaten, it does not appear worthy of its ranking against luminaires in & # 39; Williams, because it was off & # 39; back injury prevented her from competing after the US Open. It was worthy item & # 39; final.

"It was a really intense game," said Williams.

"I really needed to add my game is the player classified first in the world and there is a reason – it is really great player."

Serena, wearing a green dress designed for himself inspired by the suits leap of her toddler daughter, lost the first game of the night. It was her serve. It turned out that was a generous offer – Serena then won the next six games. The world number one lost the first set in & # 39; 20 minutes.

Halep caught in her breath, settling and turned the attack. It was as if it was a surprise in the first set. It calm herself for the second set and avviċinawha b & # 39; a different way.

Simona Halep fought back after losing the first set but could not beat Williams b & # 39; his health.

Simona Halep fought back after losing the first set but could not beat Williams b & # 39; his

It was more risky after firing in the face of the first set. She brought her deeper returns to court and prevented Williams there. She used her ability to Williams running around the court, determined to keep herself & # 39; longer points and exceeds its opponent with & # 39; superior condition. Gradually worked. The more remained in & # 39; most likely point was tirbaħha since Williams offered more errors not forced – really a misnomer because Halep was forcing errors b & # 39; ways that could not in the first set.

Halep won the second set and was unable to service it could not now lose a point on service. The longer the game went further to become more b & # 39; her health to Halep.

The standard lifted, the consequences of the result was higher. The prize for victory was only a quarter of the final but his own satisfaction, the justification prevail over opponent on all others. It was true for both players.

The point of the night came in the seventh & # 39; the third set game when Williams pushed to Halep by the court and reached for a forehand to disappear in bunting. Halep pulled it, swipjat the ball on the court, leaving Williams with & # 39; No x & # 39; shared with her rakkeċċ but kept high and clap in admiration.

Williams absorbed the moment, moved to the next point and won the game, broke the service & # 39; Halep. She closed the game from that stop.

"I had a need we play as much as I knew that I & # 39; I play and I did so and hope that was the difference", she said.

Michael Gleeson is AFL award winning writer and athletics. It covered several Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and world championships. It also covers tennis and cricket, and wrote seven & # 39; Books.

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