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Tension blamed wedding to tears


More details & # 39; incident allegedly occurred between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton emerged, with the stress and pressure of the royal wedding and the birth of & # 39; Prince Louis were indicted because of the tension between the royal women.

Reports that Kate was reduced to tears after the fitting of the dress & # 39; of & # 39 bridesmaids; her Princess Charlotte was published this week which in turn led to a wave of & # 39; speculated that the Duke is achieved.

Meghan, former actress on the hit show suits, Married Prince Harry at Windsor Castle in & # 39; May.

The best selling & # 39; Britains The sun newspaper, citing royal sources, claims to have strict instructions from Meghan was the cause of the tears & # 39; Kate when the dress fitting & # 39; Charlotte & # 39; three years did not go as planned Meghan.

Meghan insisted on "the best" for her wedding which led to the "stressful" fitting – and Kate, who had just given birth, was left shaken and f & # 39; flavors.

Royal Aides refused to deny the incident, but The sun said they both had made the incident behind them.

However, their relationship is now at the center with tabloid headlines in the UK and the royal supporters to take to social media to share their views and theories.

After the relationship & # 39; & # 39 Meghan does; Harry was first disclosed, was reported by & # 39; broadly & # 39; that is invoked to Kate for advice and support when it joined the royal family. The pair thrilled when royal watchers spent days together in & # 39; Wimbledon earlier this year. A month after the wedding & # 39; Meghan and Harry appeared together in & # 39; & # 39 event in, Cheshire, northwest & # 39; England. Both are attending the commemorations of the Day & # 39; Savings this month, but were in & # 39; separate banjoli.

Last week it was revealed that the Duke and Bishop & # 39; Sussex will move from Kensington Palace where they are neighbors & # 39; William and Kate and walk 50 kilometers & # 39; away from Windsor.

A friend close to the couple stated that the decision to move you & # 39; is because developing turbulence between the two couples because "Kate and Meghan are very different people".

Speaking to – Mail on Sunday, The source added: "They really do not follow."

Kensington Palace confirmed that Harry and Meghan were moving, but spokeswoman explained that this was to facilitate preparations for the baby.

They added that Windsor is a special place for the Duke and Duchess of & # 39; Sussex, also formed part of the decision to make the change.

But a royal source said The sun"The initial plan was to Harry and Meghan move from their home base in Kensington Palace at & # 39; one of the main apartments.

"But there was some tension between the brothers."

The Queen Prince Harry warned about the behavior and attitude & # 39; Meghan before their wedding.

Meghan initially wanted Tiara included emeralds, according to royal sources.

But the future Duke and Duchess & # 39; Sussex were not happy when he said his first choice was impossible, since no one knew exactly where it was coming from.

Book by reporter Robert Jobson shows Harry told the staff before the wedding: "X & # 39; is like Meghan, Meghan gets."

Meanwhile, the palace insiders have pointed to tensions between the brothers Harry and Prince William before the lavish wedding & # 39; May.

An insider said that Harry did not think William was making enough effort to cater & # 39; to Meghan family, The Mail & # 39; Daily reported.

According to the insider, the tension between the brothers eased when Charles Prince William and Kate eventually intervened and invited Harry and Meghan to spend Christmas with them.

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