Tuesday , July 27 2021

The modders Press Computer fully functional Inside Mouse

Many of the technological innovation that we have seen over the years seems to be about the creation of technology that is small and powerful and can engage in a variety of ways. For example, our smartphones are a good example & # 39; this, which despite being so thin and small, they pack quite a punch and have some serious horsepower behind.

However, YouTubers Electronic Grenades decided to try tikkramma fully functional computer inside a computer mouse. The end result is actually pretty awesome & # 39; and while it can & # 39; not the one with the most & # 39; his health, the concept is definitely unique. According YouTubers, the original plan was to fit a Raspberry Pi into a regular computer mouse, but that proved to be impossible due to the regular mouse size.

Instead he print 3D computer mouse that is suitable for building. It is slightly larger than other computer mouse, but still in reasonable field. The mouse has a tiny display & # 39; abroad and also to open to typing on keyboard. The mouse moves on the screen with the mouse itself, which means that this is all that you need and no external device m & # 39; is necessary.

Obviously not the most practical thing we have seen, but for that to work & # 39; & # 39 intersects with, the inventive, this takes the cake. If you have a few minutes to change, then check out the video above to see the device in action.

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