Wednesday , March 22 2023

The Nordic CEO & # 39; THQ responds to mixed reviews & # 39; Darksiders III


Lars Wingefors says is "really proud" the first new entry in & # 39; series since the collapse of the publisher & # 39; before

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Darksiders finally returned to the shelves, but received a mixed reception from the media.

The adventure & # 39; apokaliptika reviewed the best action on the PC b & # 39; & # 39 Metacritic mark; 72, b & # 39; XE Xbox only one version after 71 PlayStation 4 seems to be distributed to the most critical, and achieved an average score of & # 39; 66.

These scores by no means bad, but in a quarter where each release is to compete with & # 39; Red Dead Redemption II, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, Assassin & # 39; s CREEDS Odyssey and discounts aggressive from retailers, without any doubt publisher hopes to better the larger issue of their holidays.

But THQ CEO Lars Wingefors Nordic remains & # 39; happy with the final product, and believes it is evidence & # 39; as the publisher is honoring the legacy of its forebear.

"The promise we made was to deliver game to fans of the franchise, and I'm really proud of it", tells Logħ "I'm really proud of what we've show you, I think [developer] Gunfire done an excellent game, and even the publication of my team in Vienna has been working really hard to execute on it – the marketing, all the things behind the scenes.

"Everything about the publication of the Apocalypse Edition was logistical challenge. Many people spent a lot of time in & # 39; the last few months to make it happen."

Addressing revisions, continued: "There are always a few people who do not enjoy this kind of & # 39; a product, but there are also people who really igawduha. If we keep to our promise and deliver a product that fans really enjoy, will be [fine]. "

Darksiders III is a significant release for Nordic THQ. It is the first time that the publisher has produced a new entrance & # 39; legislation from the previous incarnation of & # 39; THQ. S & # 39; now, the majority of releases from the brand plethora & # 39; Wingefors IP acquired over the years were remaster or new releases, such as ħarut Red Faction and Titan Quest.

The CEO commended his team for the production of & # 39; re Darksiders f & # 39; occasion, although he was keen to resist the expectations THQ Nordic will pump regularly new titles from these past franchises.

"With Darksiders, we have been quite soon", he says. "Refuse only five years from acquisition to actually brought up. That's the term & # 39; time that we are working with.

"Since we have more than 100 IP, m & # 39; you should expect from each sequels because not all IPs are more relevant."

In the last financial results & # 39; Nordic THQ, the publisher reported revenues increased 1403% year on year in the last quarter to $ 139.5 million – thanks in no small part to its acquisition of & # 39; Deep Silver and Koch Media earlier this year.

The publisher also said to be 55 title in development, though only 35 were announced.

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