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UFC news, rumors: Khabib Nurmagomedov addresses are Conor McGregor, Potential Next Fight

Until a definitive punishment the Handed down from The Nevada State Athletic Commission, we do not know for sure What-the future hold for UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Despites That, it should not stop-the undefeated Russian Addressing From What Could the-future hold for Him – and he did just That Recently in a news conference announcing a sponsorship With Gorilla energy drinks. During the-presser, Nurmagomedov admitted That he would much more prefer a Potential Showdown With Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Rather Than Facing Former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, Who More Than earned an Opportunity at-the title With HIS win over Anthony Pettis are on the Same UFC 229 Which card in Nurmagomedov disposed of Conor McGregor.

"For legacy and in-the-SENSE of-the-money aspect, and in a sporting SENSE, I think the-Mayweather Fight the much more Interesting," said Nurmagomedov via ESPN. "The commission athletics Need to finish up THENI first and we'll talk."

Naturally, brought`-the topic of McGregor Was Up, With The melee That closed their UFC 229 main event still fresh in everyone's minds. Nurmagomedov, a devout Muslim the Who, he said That Could he envision a scenario wherein-the Irishman and squash their beef Once and for All in-the-future.

"Everything the POSSIBLE. Just as McGregor and I feuded, so we Could Reconcile." Nurmagomedov before ASKING said, "Who are we not to one forgives Another whens-the Almighty forgives us?"

Both of-the Nurmagomedov That Subjects addressed here are up in-the-air for different REASONS. But it's hard not to admires Both Desire to Seek HIS BIGGEST the-money Fight – no matter the-sport – are on the Heels of newfound HIS FAME as well as McGregor Putting to bed-the beef With Once and for All.

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More UFC news, rumors

  • Now everyone can stop Bringing up a Potential Fight Chuck Liddell to Jon "Bones" Jones. Following Liddell's embarrassing performance in a loss to rival Tito Ortiz on Saturday, Jones Was quick to take to Twitter to shoot down-the Fight That notion of ever-taking place. In-the lead-up to HIS comebacks an after eight-years away, the-Former UFC light heavyweight champion Liddell thought it hinted at a bout Potential With Jones down-the-line.
  • Ronaldo "Jacar√©" Souza the no Plan B. AFTER a third-round knockout win over Chris WEIDMAN Former middleweight champ at UFC 230, Souza told MMA Fighting HIS That Will Be Next Fight for-the-middleweight title and he will not SERVE as a backup Once again. Having won two of three HIS FIGHT Print Serious year and making some cash in-the-process, Souza Comfortable awaiting the winner of the-the-middleweight title bout on Feb. 9 With Robert Whittaker defending Against Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 234.
  • The announced over the weekend That Was-the co-main event of UFC 234 card in Australia That Will see a Huge Fight featherings middleweight Anderson Silva returning to an after-the Octagon a two-year layoff to face-the surging Adesanya Israel. Turn out, That wasnt the-original plan. Appearing on "The MMA Hour" on Monday, Adesanya Revealed That Was the-Initial plan to face Silva are on the first UFC card on ESPN in January, Silva Which turned down. Then, Adesanya Was approached about Facing Souza, Him Who ALSO turned down whiles still needings to Recover From HIS UFC 230 win over WEIDMAN. Finally, Silva changed HIS mind And The Fight Was booked for Australia.

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