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After the strike it before the strike? The Union remains & # 39; covered

After the strike it before the strike? The Union remains & # 39; covered

Vienna. 100,000 passengers were welcomed yesterday by strike & # 39; railway workers warning

Picture: APA

Representatives of the union and life & # 39; employers also talked yesterday in & # 39; south, while the strike & # 39; warning & # 39; hours was started. But nothing came. Auer, 100,000 passengers had to worry about exasperation and trains failed.

It was the ninth round & # 39; negotiations, which yesterday workers of lunch & # 39; south, led by the head of the Roman life Hebenstreit and his employer, with their spokesman Thomas SCHEIBER made. Both sides arrived closer. "The union rejected the offer unfortunately," said SCHEIBER after. Hebenstreit contested, "the offer has not improved the bottom line".

F & # 39; a statement, the union then submitted "Speaking before substantially improved offer and to reject any description is a joke." The union criticized attempts & # 39; intimidation and see this as a consequence of the change of government. "It became really possible in & # 39; this country," said Hebenstreit.

What angered the union side are requests of representatives & # 39; employers. For example, the minimum age of train drivers should be reduced from 21 to 19 years.

Internal committees meet

M & # 39; there is no date for round ten & # 39; negotiations. Both sides declared after the end of negotiations, now bring internal committees for deliberations. On the side of life that will happen within 48 hours, so Hebenstreit. Other strike action has not been ruled out by union leaders: "The next stage after the strike & # 39; is a warning strike, but we have not wasnux."

SCHEIBER said he would try again "what we have room for negotiations". "When this happens, there will be more talks."

670, the train, 70 of them in traffic over long distances were hit yesterday. Throughout Austria there was extensive Verspension, which opened in accordance with BB & # 39; 16 clock for the most part.

The issue and the delay & # 39; Zgen took passengers at the main station in & # 39; Linz b & # 39; sensenezza, as demonstrated by the local inspection. Many people who had planned a trip were advised by media reports. They may find that there is a delay. Others have postponed their trip or switching to another way & # 39; transport.

The choice of & # 39; alternatives already noticeable in the morning when the car was more traffic to Linz b & # 39; his health than usual. The travelers must use their own car and also have carpools. In Austria & # 39; America, total & # 39; 110 TRENS been affected by the station stop. Six connections taken by service & # 39; rail replacement buses mailing line.

Railway Station Linz

The room & # 39; the expectation was also full yesterday in Central Station & # 39; Linz. The iffullaw travelers before the scoreboard, respondents in most but calmly to travel: Christine from Weyer, for example, was driving 85 kilometers by car to Linz to bring tifelha: "After everything, and we were advised plan. So we have taken the opportunity to look at the Christmas market. "

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