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Börse Express – fantasy thriller & # 39; Glass & # 39; b & # 39; a solid start in cinemas US

The new fantasy thriller "Glass" with & # 39; Bruce
Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy got the first
Weekend cinema of North America made a good start.
The film is intended as a sequel to the thriller "Split" 2016
and plays in the same cinematic universe b & # 39; "unbreakable"
2000. Over the long weekend – Monday is in the US
a national holiday – the title is according to initial estimates
Solid revenue & # 39; $ 47 million (EUR 41 million) is
clearly take first place.

"Glass" in the production cost of the magazine "Variety"
According about $ 23 million, about half
Total box office. Because "Unbreakable" enjoys a status & # 39; cult and "Split"
was a financial success, the experts of the industry had
According to the "Hollywood Reporter" but b & # 39; even better debut
expected. Willis and Jackson have the same roles in Glass
as in & # 39; "unbreakable". It is the latest title in the trilogy
M. Night Shyamalan the director.

Still popular with the film was the American
Remake of the French hit film "Pretty Best
Friends ":" Me & My Best "with & # 39; Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart
dropped with estimated revenue of & # 39; $ 19.5 million from
first to second place in the classification. In February, the
Movie dealing with & # 39; unusual male friendship also
be in German cinemas.

About the same follow-up maps, history & # 39; of & # 39 hero; action
"Aquaman" and the animated film "Super Dragon Ball: Broly" on
Hero Son Goku and Vegeta. With a turnover of almost 11 million
Dollars (9.3 million euros) over the weekend surprised the Japanese
Adventure Anime of filmmakers in the United States, wrote the "Hollywood
Reporters. "The film studios had most of the weekend
remained quiet and no new titles put to new
"Glass" offers enough space or give the area
leave, reported "Variety" ./ jot / DP / JHA /

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