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Can & # 39; iPad replace the Macbook?


The iPad is a computer. But after the PC era actually began and laptops and desktops will soon no longer be used? Matter & # 39; opinion.

Since 2010, when Apple introduced the first iPad, the technology world is asking: Can & # 39; super flat screen replaces the Macbook? The question arises for various reasons, and give specific answers.

iPad as a replacement & # 39; Macbook: the advantages

The question arises for two reasons. On the one hand, technology enthusiasts have created a device that is easier and saves space. In addition, simple and large screen offers many possibilities. These are dreams & # 39; simpler and more exciting future.

Practically, also x & # 39; shared with the fact that iPad can & # 39; last ten hours a day, can & # 39; used both for reading on the couch and work. B & # 39; difference from 2-in-1 notebooks, iPads are not limited to fresh operating system like Windows.

The story of the iPad

Since 2010, a lot has changed in the iPad technology. In the last eight years, the iPad not only grown stronger, faster and above all since the new Pro models this year, there is little edge of the screen – the screen dissolves high. At points & # 39; reference, the iPad is now even faster than many Macbooks and Windows notebooks.

There has also been some progress in the App Store. The toy manufacturers have discovered the mobile phone market and invest most of their money in iOS gaming. There are also more and more applications for software development or processing of images. There itself everything you need to say goodbye to the Macbook.

What speaks against the iPad

The disadvantages with the software start. By the twelfth version of iOS, Apple has made things very well, but only if they saw the iPhone. Although the screen on the iPad can & # 39; finally split and share files through the hold and pull, but still feels a bit cramped.

S & # 39; m now & # 39; there is no conclusive concept for the iPad. Although manufacturers & # 39; application to adapt their own product range for larger exhibition, m & # 39; there is no comprehensive picture at the level of the operating system & # 39; x & # 39; be the workflow.

Because complex work environment & # 39; often need three or four & # 39; different windows next to each other or at least meet. Moreover, the operative & # 39; trackpad is much more enjoyable than pressing all day on a glass screen. For this reason alone, iPad can not replace work equipment designed for long working days (iMac or MacBook).

The ghosts also vary in & # 39; terms & # 39; requirements. For probably 99.9 percent of all software is created on Macbooks with big screens. The communication also made a lot on desktop or laptop. The result is that the files are created and packaged as if being read from & # 39; big screen equipment and various tools & # 39; utility. The Macbook or iPad must therefore be in touch format, or bind to & # 39; this method & # 39; old exchange (partly rightly) and sets new standards.

The missing piece of the puzzle: Steve Jobs

Although many are tired to hear him, Steve Jobs was the decisive factor for the success of the iPad. In order to establish the iPad as a new platform, has found that vision does not replace the Macbook and MacOS, but opens up new land. The credo of & # 39; for the iPad Steve Jobs was to completely hide the user of the file system and applications to decide how to handle the files.

Such as DVD players, external hard drives so eventually disappear from the normal consumer shelves. B & # 39; cloud services, backups can now be created with & # 39; most efficient way. To exchange files, e-mail and a link is sufficient. The Internet via LTE and WiFi is almost always available anyway.

Apple made no favor with the introduction of the application "files". Instead of frightening customers like Macbook Air a few years back in & # 39; that moment and simply withstand criticism, they have the eagerness and now provide nofshawnha solution. As soon as users want to see the application files, they also cover external device.

Why the iPad is still worth recommendation

Despite the slightly development without purpose & # 39; the iOS, we recommend the iPad for several scenarios & # 39; use and users:

  • occasional users: For example, seniors who browse the Internet only a few, send the facetim types or skype and email

  • Professional users: the second device on the go or 90 percent of the tasks – not complex ones

  • Children (a certain age): See and use of & # 39; teaching content to learn how to program

  • of Systems & # 39; & # 39 in POS, shops and restaurants

  • Graphic Artist: Create or edit designs on the go (Photoshop and Project Gemini soon …)

  • Photographers: Working on the move

These target groups are very well served by the iPad. Because it is fast in any case: unlock iPad (first action), app stopper (second action). Doing. Otherwise, it is usually more complicated: get Macbook, startup, wait, look through application & # 39; Spotlight, start the application, start … The iPad is fast and direct as well as the iPhone.

You & # 39; replacing your Macbook now

In fact, there are not many arguments against the iPad. You will find that, even as a professional user, you often in your lap to answer e-mails or the Internet research. The iPad itself also has a long half-life. Since the basic functionality is solid, and will be supported by three or four & # 39; years.

The iPad Pro 11-inch, 256 GB and WiFi worth Euro 1049.00
, This is four & # 39; & # 39 years; use yet stately 22 euros a month. After that, the iPad still has the equivalent of 150 to 200 euros – only push the price to 18 euros a month.

Meaning, as the second device, the iPad Pro, even in & # 39; such a small device, already quite high. the

The iPad on the level of income at € 128 b & # 39; 128 GB and WiFi + LTE € 569
, For use for three years. The fun worth 15 euros a month. The shortest time & # 39; use is due to senior hardware, it will probably be sooner than later neglected and future versions of Apple & # 39; the iOS.

People who use the iPad as a key device in the house because they use a Mac or PC at work, or because they are in the target group who are just browsing, playing, and writing e-mails, and who do not pay an extra $ 18 a month in fact, the iPad can & # 39; replace every Macbook.

But if you're a professional user (developer & # 39; software, photographer, musician, writer or something similar), then the iPad can & # 39; as well as help other means. Although you & # 39; and will make 90 percent of your iPad work in the future, there are still 10 percent & # 39; critical tasks where larger screen and accessible by operating system & # 39; free mode will provide an advantage in & # 39; & # 39 case; doubt.

Because if the client or customer sends a file, packaged in & # 39; RAR format, or link to a page that is designed only for desktop screens, it means the end for only iPad devices. Professionals must not be exceeded stationary desktop systems.

Apple lost a chance

Apple lost entirely new ways to go. Even if the tablet is virtually iPad marketplace, customers still want to emulate Windows or MacOS instead of embarking on new paths. B & # 39; clear arrangements and step & # 39; & # 39 in the front; terms & # 39; Apps file, Apple annul a unique opportunity to be used in & # 39; a new era: the era post-PC Steve Jobs called up.

The future of the iPad depends b & # 39; clearly on iOS 13. Apple has finally re & # 39; to build the initial screen and focus more on the iPad generation. Perhaps the act of & # 39; balance to succeed and you & # 39; serve the new society as well as mobile customers grew on the Windows PC.


The answer to the initial question in 2018 is not. The iPad can not replace the Macbook. Anyway, it's a different medium. The question should rather be: What device can & # 39; best meets the needs and requirements of & # 39; My day? Then the answer m & # 39; longer so clear. The iPad exceeds Macbook as a mobile companion for photographers, writers and artists. The iPad is also much better suited to replace home PC on his game only, sent email and researched.

A clear is the answer to the question of whether the iPad can replace the Mac professional video artists, programmers, editors or financial advisers or bankers & # 39; investment. This work & # 39; is likely to be the case even if the iOS 13 do much better.

Hopefully Apple continues to pave the way for easy mobile use, and not so much trying to mislead the professional users in iPad. Since the requirements will be changed by & # 39; iPhones and iPads already in the direction mobile work anyway. F & # 39; this area, the iPad is becoming better and better, and most of the Macbook series m & # 39; longer justified in the face of the iPad Pro.

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