Friday , March 24 2023

Deadly Attack in & # 39; Innsbruck: U HAFT imposed on suspects


Innsbruck – After a deadly attack & # 39; knife on a VORARLBERGER & # 39; 21 at night & # 39; Sunday, the Regional Court & # 39; Innsbruck on Wednesday imposed pre-trial detention on Afghan suspects & # 39; 24 years. This was announced by the prosecutor after the trial. There is an urgent suspicion against the man.

The suspect is currently based mainly on pictures & # 39; video surveillance, which had seen a person before actually contact with the group around the Vorarlberg, the prosecution. Later, seeing people run by the group – you can & # 39; to the same person and x & # 39; perhaps the author. "Due to human similarity of the person on the image & # 39; contradictory surveillance and statements of the suspect to go to the public prosecutor's office and the provincial court & # 39; Innsbruck currently high probability which is the author ", he said.

The act itself, however, did not appear in the records. The police officers recognized the suspects arrested in pictures and in & # 39; around 6: 00 am Sunday outside the city & # 39; Innsbruck. The Afghans reject the act.

No information on the possibility of & # 39; drug treatment

As background, no reliable information can & # 39; given at present, the prosecution explained and referred for further investigations. The State Criminal Police Office & # 39; Tirol recently talked about "concrete evidence" that the killing could & # 39; was related to & # 39; & # 39 store; addictive substances in & # 39; restaurant in "Bogenmeile" f & # 39; Innsbruck shortly before.

The relatives doubt possible link & # 39; drug business. It says Vorarlberg Florin Reiterer lawyer, representing the parents of the victim. Christoph Hundertpfund, Dep. Head of the State Office of Criminal Investigation, has a lot of sympathy for the relatives, but again & # 39; Other makes clear that "we have concrete indications transaction & # 39; addictive substance before the act." However, the "how" and "what" are still unclear. The investigators & # 39; eight friends who were traveling with the victim in & # 39; Innsbruck. "Although the strings were interviewed immediately after the fact, detailed interviews will be carried out just as fast."

The lawyer points out that "the victim ġejx a social class that is susceptible to drugs." The 21 came from a normal family. According Reiterer, the clique of Vorarlberg would have celebrated their birthday in & # 39; Innsbruck, where nine & # 39; traveled boys train Having arrived at the station the main train & # 39; Innsbruck, we went for a little bowling after 10 pm the group left the bar at 0:30 am, an hour after that young Bregenzer was dead. In the path of the railway line at the end of Museumstrasse, the man stabbed the man & # 39; 21 in the throat and friends gave first aid, but to no avail, as revealed in autopsy forensic medicine on Monday doctors could only determine the death Bregenzer they were admitted to the clinic.

The attacker fled. But & # 39; now the two Afghan police officers were set up temporarily as part of a search. The youngest among the two quickly wasalqu. The elders had to stay. Although the celebration & # 39; 24 years denied any connection with the crime, was initially transferred in police and prison Kaiserjägerstraße on Monday to prison. On Wednesday, the U-HAFT finally imposed on him. (KFB, Tom,

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