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Football: The game & # 39; Bayern Kovac does not think about the task


Before the home game at the stage of the group & # 39; Champions League against Benfica on Tuesday (9pm), the 47 year protest, "That I'm always fighting, all my life was pushing . the word "stooping", "waiver", "hoisting the white flag", which does not exist in my vocabulary and will never exist. "

That home game against Benfica can & # 39; to be his last on Betreuerbank of & # 39; Munich, worry him. "No" Kovac answered, then added: "X & # 39; is the point negative nagħmilni?" But he also knows the importance of the game. After all, the president & # 39; Bayern Uli Hoeneß had after 3: 3 embarrassing on Saturday in the Bundesliga against promoter & # 39; Fortuna Dusseldorf only assured that Kovac against Benfica will sit on the bench. "Then we do an analysis, where we are."

"When and where you & # 39; combats"

Because nine & # 39; points behind Bayern at Dortmund the league leaders and very serious blunders in the recent games are the chances of & # 39; Kovac on low ongoing work. However, it guarantees, "when and where and however always looking forward and always fight". It remains to be seen whether his players will jiġġieldux hard to Benfica. Düsseldorf against its defensive option led to devastating performance in & # 39; phases.

Kovac, however, unwilling to question the players support. "There are many speeches about the relationship. I had some discussions with my players. The ratio is extremely good," he said. However, the coach also agreed to fundamental criticism of its president. "After all, that is the truth. It's exactly what I say, well, we give goals that are not allowed to occur," said Kovac, who was not injured & # 39; seriously even 150 days after taking the office in & # 39; Munich.

Manager Arsene Wenger

AP / Cal Sports Media / Simon Bellis

In the media, Wenger is negotiated as the top favorite for the succession of & # 39; Kovac

Zidane, Wenger or Hasenhüttl?

That is why there are already strong followers in the media: from the great solution Zinedine Zidane (three times winners of the League & # 39; Champions & # 39; Madrid) for former Ralph Hasenhüttl from Leipzig to top Arsene Wenger favorite. The French coach has been at Arsenal for 22 years until the summer and obviously feels ready for a new job. Hasenhüttl knows the club from his time as a player & # 39; amateur & # 39; Bayern from 2002 to 2004 and is said to be high on the list & # 39; Hoeneß.

Kovac Until this happens, however, still has period & # 39; grace. And starting position in the Champions League to the minimum stage elimination goal is easy to describe. "We just need one point," said the 47 years. The draw would be enough for the Group E leaders (ten points) against Benfica (four & # 39;) to progress to the last 16 for the eleventh consecutive time. "But we want to win", said Kovac grounds & # 39; safety. The draw x & # 39; probably not enough.

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