Wednesday , July 28 2021

Fortnite is abused for money laundering

Accounts fortnite are required: According to the report, just over a month observation period, the fifty most went transfers eBay $ 250,000. However, there was also unclear whether accounts with & # 39; stolen ones credit were charged. F & # 39; it is negotiated with the country & # 39; of Fortnite accounts, Willhaben on number of entries. Accounts are f & # 39; Austria 30-1700 euro traded for each. The sale of accounts is forbidden in the Terms of Use Fortnite and may result in & # 39; permanent suspension.

Fortnite industry

Introducing & # 39; feature & # 39; "Gift" that you & # 39; pass items to other users can & # 39; reduce trade accounts, say experts. So users can transfer items without having to go through the entire account. Epic Games already tested this function in December. However, it is unknown whether and when it will be available to all users.

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