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Green: Hebei new new candidate –

The new number one among the Viennese Greens is Birgit Hebei. She won the post of the party vote. Again another & # 39;, after long Vassilakou Maria victim, a woman is in front of the Greens.

The 51 years will not only be the best candidate for the election & # 39; Vienna in 2020, but the new deputy mayor. The transferee, the Transport Councilor, Maria Vassilakou, recently announced it would withdraw by next summer the year and gives rise to the highest candidate in the future, which is the top candidate f & # 39; Vassilakou. Birgit Hebei was municipal councilor of the Greens in the municipality since 2010.

Birgit Hebei

APA / Harald Schneider

Hebe could & # 39; prevail against four & # 39; other competitors

Hebei (51) sits & # 39; 2010 for the Greens in the local council and a spokeswoman for social affairs and security. Prior to that, she was a district councilor and clerk at the club & # 39; Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus for five years. In addition, Hebei was active from 2000 to 2002 in the Green Auge Union. Prior to her political career, the graduate social worker worked among others in the social service of Caritas Vienna station and a consortium of & # 39; oġġezzjonu conscientious.

Focus on poverty alleviation

In her professional life, the content & # 39; & # 39 Hebe remained; also true for his political life. Focus on poverty alleviation and social justice. She cites youth training, dealing with homelessness and minimum income as examples of its work priorities.

As social speakers, Hebei has been instrumental in the negotiations on the model & # 39; re Social Security & # 39; Vienna last year. The alcohol ban on Praterstern, which was implemented by the SPÖ, complained that b & # 39; powerful way.

Self-image as "stubborn negotiator"

Also in the internal election campaign is placed its focus on social policy. "Without social security, m & # 39; there is no social peace," stressed. As a political objective, it sought "to give people the opportunity to determine their own destiny". In addition, Hebei highlighted the fact that she was the only woman among the candidates down 'the future is female' was the motto of the place of her campaign. As a "stubborn negotiator", tough and b & # 39; experience, it describes herself.

Hebe was born on 13 & # 39; January 1967 in & # 39; Vilach. Her young daughter spent the & # 39; bricklayers and housewife in & # 39; a small area in Kärntne. Today she lives with & # 39; her two children in the fifteenth district.

Presentation on Tuesday morning

The new new candidate will be presented on Tuesday at a press conference scheduled for 11: 00 am in the Sky Tower 21 in the & # 39; Saturn. Here, the details of the vote are announced. Because the Greens have breached new ground with postal voting, which started relatively complex mode.

Five people were voting, along with & # 39; Hebe, they were the head of the club of City Hall David Ellensohn, councilor Peter Kraus, the district council Meidling Benjamin Kaan and Marihan doctor Abensperg-Traun. For two weeks, party members and registered voters had time off to vote. About 3,400 people were eligible to vote.

2,600 votes

Those who wanted to give their vote personally, can do it Monday in & # 39; polling institute at the headquarters of the party in & # 39; Lindengasse. As the party announced on Monday, in the last 2,600 people took part in green survey.

Victory was required simple majority – at least 50 percent plus & # 39; one vote. Since this is unlikely at first sight t & # 39; eye before five competitors, the Greens have built a kind of & # 39; runoff mode. F & # 39; this system known as "instant runoff", the voters not only mention their favorite, but also rank the other applicants.

Inaugural Speech at the State Assembly on Saturday

If there is no clear winner in the evaluation of the first votes, will continue to be counted, b & # 39; taking into account the classified names – and until the winner is determined by & # 39; clearly. This system was used on Monday, as stated at the request of & # 39; APA. More details on the results will be announced on Tuesday.

S & # 39; now, the election was the largest ever made by a committee of the party, the state assembly. This will be the following Saturday, Hebei will make his inaugural speech there. Afterwards, the delegates will proceed to the debate on further procedure of creating the list.

For the new way was the moment only the procedure for the best candidate. If a similar system is also used in the ranking of seats remaining or how this looks in detail, the first to be decided.


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