Monday , June 21 2021

The Meghan crossed the princes Brothers?

Disputes. Recently, Prince Harry (34) was quoted saying, "X & # 39; is Meghan wants, get Meghan." It is also the reason why Harry is looking for a new place to live. According to insider, both do not want their child to grow into a "fishbowl". The change would mean physical separation from the brothers & # 39; Harry, Prince William.

At Windsor Castle, and Maghan Harry will live in Frogmore Cottage. The building got its name because of the large number of & # 39; frogs once lived in the marshy area. F & # 39; Windsor, Harry and Meghan, now officially dukess of & # 39; Sussex, will be very close to the Queen. The Queen Elizabeth II (92) said slitting & # 39; a lot more time in the castle than in & # 39; Buckingham Palace in the heart & # 39; London.

Harry and former actress Meghan married in & # 39; last May in & # 39; Windsor Castle. F & # 39; then, they received about 200 guests for an evening wedding party at Frogmore property.

Prince Harry under the most popular Royal polls

The Prince Harry is, according to a survey, the most popular royal. 77 percent have a good opinion of him, as the survey revealed Monday the Tuesday & # 39; about 3,700 people. The British describing them as a sympathetic, humorous and honest. Only then is in second place in his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (74 percent), just after his brother Prince William (73).

To a certain distance, the fourth & # 39; place goes Duchessa Kate (64 percent), five to Prince Philip (56) and six a woman & # 39; Harry Meghan (55). Not so good cut as the heir Prince Charles applicable suddenly apparent, that will change 70 on Wednesday. Not even a second (48 percent) has a positive opinion of him – he came in the seventh & # 39; post.Ma wife Camilla made only ten b & # 39; 29 percent. She was the lover & # 39; Charles when he was married to Princess Diana. F & # 39; at that time, were much mocked as "Rottweiler".

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