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Two ministers in & # 39; one week: According to the Minister & # 39; Home Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), the Minister of Justice Josef Moser (ÖVP) is invited as an informant in committee & # 39; inquiry into the controversial house search at the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution and Counter Terrorism (BVT). Prepay, Moser has been repeatedly criticized and offered to change the law prosecutor. The chief prosecutor is currently being questioned by the Prosecutor's Office of Economic and Corruption (WKStA), Ursula Schmudermayer. It is her third appearance in committee U.

In any case, Moser did not criticize the judiciary or the department & # 39; inside the committee U. At least no direct; but at least found a few unusual things. So Moser said he was aware of no other case where an employee of the Ministry contacted the prosecutor to request arrest. It is alleged by Udo Lett, the closest collaborator of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Peter GOLDGRUBER.

Moser wants changes in the delicate investigations

On many issues, Moser referred to the jurisdiction of the prosecutor, who has repeatedly said that there was a need & # 39; change when addressing sensitive issues. Specifically, it considered "expedient" if the prosecutor's office (ew) was involved in & # 39; investigations against institutions & # 39; special interest. In the case of BAT, this did not happen because the law provides. Journalists should be informed in writing about the future idea & # 39; Moser, who had not taken place in the BVT case, even before the home search was approved. Orally, okay it should be possible only if the life and party are in danger.

From pressure & # 39; an investigation into the affair Moser leaves. Otherwise, there would probably request for search & # 39; home late at night. Above all, Lett had to push to pronounce suspensions.

Moser had given instructions to a separate group in Korneuburg prosecutor at the end of summer to re-examine the procedures for the investigation of BVT. M & # 39; no results here. It was said that it is very comprehensive, said the minister, who also recalled the various advertisements in the event, b & # 39; some accused, suspects and others just as others shown. Affected by this are all kinds & # 39; people involved in the matter – by the public prosecutor responsible for Ursula Schmudermayer Kickl and director Peter BVT Gridling to GOLDGRUBER.

>> Committee bat U: S & # 39; was, x & # 39; ll follows

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