Thursday , June 30 2022

Abdul AWAL Mintoo said why did not choose


Vice President Abdul party Awali Mintoo said he ssottomettax of & # 39; nomination papers in the constituency & # 39; Feni, never had a hobby to choose. My father chose siblings in the family. In the past never participated in elections. Now that the situation has been created, m & # 39; there is no situation & # 39; competition level & # 39; election. The activists and supporters of the party are constantly arrested and threatened. F & # 39; such a situation, I felt that the time and my contribution will be to manage the elections rather than take part in the elections. So, I decided to commit myself in the larger interest of the party without taking the election before the party election process. Given that there & # 39; adequate human and & # 39; experience in election management. That is why I think it is important to give time and work in the election to choose work in & # 39; important party times.

The media said on Wednesday that the party also think that I engaged in conduct & # 39; elections. The following news to the media on paper submission & # 39; My nomination is not good. It spreads on this body.

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