Wednesday , June 23 2021

Google removed 13 popular application from Play Store

Using & # 39; Android Smartphone Then it would be good to know about this information. 13 apps were removed from the Google Play Store. Google claims that the malware is damaging smartphones through & # 39; all these apps. This step is to prevent it.

In the tweet of malware researcher & # 39; ESET Stefunko Lucas, known to some terrible apps market are roaming, which can damage the smartphone. Your personal information can & # 39; leak. He said that more than 560,000 downloads have been recorded from Google Play Store, 13 applications. And all those apps were created by a single company & # 39; developer. 13, there were two apps in the Play Store in the section of the yield. Having been informed about the matter, Google decided to remove 13 applications from Play Store, Google TechGiant

As malware gets into your phone via & # 39; apps? The researchers say that these 13 apps to do anything directly. Instead titlobek download and install APK Game Center said. Once downloaded, hiding the icon of the app on your phone. Then opened the mobile user appeared on the mobile screen, the various advertisements The phone was damaged so Lucas asked phone video showing how the app works. However, Google has already removed the new game from the App Store for Android users not to have any problem.

This malware is being spread by some apps. Applications games like truck load simulators, car driving simulators, extreme driving car, cross-motile were extreme in their heart. Interestingly, ratings of & # 39; these apps in PlayStore are pretty good. However, today, the Android smartphone users will not have to face other risks. Although such incidents did not occur for the first time Last year, Google was seven eliminate & # 39; & # 39 million; harmful applications from Play Store.

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