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The buzz going on in the world around technology & # 39; smartphones folding for a long time. Year & # 39; & # 39 after you; see smartphones lifted. The Korean company to & # 39; Samsung South has been working to bring about what the smartphone market.

This time LG can & # 39; to bring powerful smartphone LG Recently the company of Korea t & # 39; South of that concept

LG recorded these three brand names – "Flex", "Foldie" and "Duplex". They have been applied in class categories 9. However, is not yet known whether they will be used on any other device. Although it is unclear whether these names used for any smartphone or other device, was named in the IANS report.

On 7 & # 39; in November, the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC2018) f & # 39; California, USA, which shows new smartphone Infiniti Flex. There is another name in & # 39; this list & # 39; smartphone makers. According to IANS report, LG can & # 39; creating a lost smartphone

According to a report on the Phone Arena website technology, Flex, the names match names with trademarks & # 39; Samsung and Huawei. Samsung Galaxy can & # 39; to make Flexi phone or Flex to Mr Huawei. On the other hand, the name of the duplex name is a great choice & # 39; LG. However, the word used Google to appear in their AI call.

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