Saturday , July 24 2021

Objectives of the Festival & # 39; PSG in hat & # 39; Cavani, Mbabp

sports desk: Edison Cavani, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are all together in the championship game. The first two hat tricks compared. The next pair scored two goals. Finally, the three-star PSG fly in Gango festival festival
PSG lost 9-0 at home to Gago. As a result, the team & # 39; Thomas Twain reached more than the title of & # 39; the current season. Moni Toma scored the second goal for the host in the last game.
At the beginning of the PSG, Neymar scored before the extended ball & # 39; Alves. Then in the 37th minute the difference is doubled. Before the break, the host had a 3-0 lead at the front.
Back in the second half, the match was the visitors another goal after PSG In the middle of the time, 59 minutes, the target made by Kavani. The cross & # 39; Juan Bernata caught in the trap of the post to safety. Seven & # 39; minutes later, De Maria made use of the opportunity & # 39; Scoliston 5-0 to Uruguay & # 39; forward. Shortly after Neymar made his second goal. Kavani made a hat trick in 76 minutes. On 80 minutes, Cavani also completed the hat-trick.
Finally, the Munisja won by a large margin winning table team with the most & # 39; her health by strengthening the position of the disciples & # 39; Thomas Twuyul.

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