Saturday , July 24 2021

The BTRC launches mobile service locking stolen

You want your phone stolen is not appropriate?

You will receive good news like this in the next few months. Reason: Any mobile phone stolen by this time can & # 39; lock.

Regulatory of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Commission senior official (BTRC) said that the database service of the International numbers & # 39; the (IMEI) of the Mobile Equipment Identity will be launched tomorrow (January 22) by BTRC.

The mobile number & # 39; the user, the number of the SIM card and the card information & # 39; national identity will be kept at the base of IMEI data.

As a result, the phone is locked with the help of & # 39; the authorities concerned to steal any mobile phone. This technology is expected to reduce the stolen phone stolen.

You & # 39; know by sending the IMEI number of your mobile phone to 16002 by sending a message, whether it is stored in the database.

Moreover, if you want * dial * # 06 # to know the IMEI number of your phone.

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