Wednesday , March 22 2023

The differences between domestic and international cricket non-standard … – 707 905 | Kaler Kantho


As a potential cricketer, he made his debut for Zimbabwe in the second Test. In the first innings, "Duck" played but he made important contributions & # 39; 67 in the next innings. Get the chance to test series against Windies But after two two innings in the first Test, having been dismissed for 20 and 17, its perception, batting in test format is not too difficult. In addition, the combination of & # 39; international cricket with the quality of domestic cricket is different.

Mithun told the media today Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla, "The bowler has many in the test standards. In addition, the conditions are here to play, of course, batting is difficult. We're not playing on a wicket batting. in domestic cricket, wicket our poor, we have more loose balls, but the bowlers are better than here. it's hard to do all inclusive. "

In both innings of the Test series against the West Indies, he was murdered by a bad shot. Mithun said, "If such a condition then you & # 39; get out at any time. As the bowlers were very supportive. The ball behaved b & # 39; a different way in & # 39; different times. No condition provision located unless the batsman fails. Whenever he can & # 39; work, is very normal for him to bat. "

However, he had contributed to the team, and said, "However, how difficult it is, I accept as a batsman and come here. It was not what I expected. There is another test ahead. If we have the opportunity, we try to make good there. "

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