Wednesday , July 28 2021

Death & # 39; yellow shirt f & # 39; Vise: "It does not make Monsieur Borlez martyrs", draws attention to lawyer

Roger Borlez harvested from a truck driver before his wife.

theThe attorney & # 39; Roger Borlez, the yellow jacket that was hit by a driver in & # 39; vises, was the guest & # 39; RTL show "Not every day Sunday".

Pierre Renaud MOLDERS wanted to clarify its position " With niddefendix yellow vest, defending the children of & # 39; person was killed in & # 39; frame, which certainly is a demonstration environment. But for him, x & # 39; is " very important it " Monsieur does not make Borlez symbol or martyr ".

Accident? "The first objective is happy to appear"

The lawyer then returns to drama. " Mr Borlez, with no lattice, did not have a hood, was not armed. He had a yellow shirt, and the first objective of this boom has seen He says. The accident thesis seems difficult to understand " Saying that we do not rajnuhiex, which has been rolled and is incident to drain water. To also say that we felt attacked because there was a hood people, we do a few shades. "

Other interview with RTL, the Dutch driver's lawyer explains that the protesters were yellow vests, wore " camouflage pants and black sweaters ". Dozen people« crashed into the truck and started beating on all sides
". The trailer was in" total panic "." He moved very slowly, he observed nothing, absolutely nothing
He says.

For yellow shirt lawyer, this version does not hold water " O
n almost say that because he is under pressure, it can & # 39; explain or understand it with his truck & # 39; several tons, he decides to commute to pedestrians ".

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