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Ricoh Multifunctional Smart detect and Upgrades New Labor Places – Press Releases

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Ricoh announced the launch of the first series & # 39; & # 39 b devices, several smart functions to meet the changing needs of working spaces. This new range is part of the approach & # 39; Ricoh Dynamic Workplace Intelligence and includes new technology: Always Current Technology, to ensure that the features evolve with customer needs.

The platform & # 39; Ricoh "Always Current Technology" allows users to work with & # 39; most efficient way & # 39; technologies that offer scalable technologies with them, safe, sustainable and simple. Users can download and install applications, new features and updates directly on their device as they become available, providing b & # 39; total agility and flexibility. This platform allows the working spaces to adapt their skills to the evolving needs, while maintaining software and security features to date. Moreover, allowing instant access to updates as they enter the market, eliminating the need to purchase new equipment or additional functionality expect the contracts expire. In addition, Ricoh Intelligent Support ensures that software updates can be made remotely from a distance and the user availability is maximized.

The IM C Multifunctional series of new color A3 is the first of a series of & # 39; Multifunzjonijiet Intelligent Ricoh will bring to market a next generation platform. These advances include solutions & # 39; cloud like "Ricoh Smart Integration", set & # 39; innovative technologies based cloud offering simplicity in the form of & # 39; of & # 39 plans; scalable subscription to help customers grow their business.

The "Always Current technology" & # 39; Ricoh is available on 13 of smart MFPs & # 39; A3 color to be launched in Europe, including Ricoh C2000 IM, IM C2500, C3000 IM, IM C3500, C4500 IM, IM C5500 and C6000 IM. These devices print b & # 39; & # 39 speed, 20 to 60 pages per minute (ppm), respectively. Offering print, copy, scan and quality finish, as well as application with & # 39; anything that allows you to control the MFP from your smartphone via & # 39; Smart Device Connector. In addition, each device is EPEAT certified.

Alison Bigorie, Manager of Product Marketing and Product Marketing, Ricoh France, explains: "One of the key aspects of & # 39; the evolution of posts is to ensure the information and make it available to those who need it as soon as it is necessary. the security of information is a priority for Ricoh, so this band of & # 39; smart multifunzjoni is equipped with & # 39; internal encryption. "

The new MFPs will incorporate new touch panel control, equipped with even more processor b & # 39; his health, which offers faster deployment of applications. The new panel control was developed from feedback from our users, and is designed to evolve the customer experience. The new interface can & # 39; to be tailored to best fit and respond to spaces and workflows as well. individual needs. Expert service & # 39; Ricoh can remotely access the touch panel & # 39; the MFP for problems and updates quickly.

Alison Bigorie adds: "The strong message & # 39; this new range is to offer a bid to comply with new ways & # 39; we work with our customers. The new range & # 39; Multifunzjonijiet Smart work on their ability to adapt to these new emerging needs. in addition, Ricoh really fight planned deadline: today the features updates are available every six months. which means f & # 39 ; four & # 39; years, the multifunzjoni functionalities will be evolved with technology! our goal is to provide top quality f & # 39; an eco-responsible under the market. We sejħna approach the new Dynamic Intelligence workplace our work to represent the way we work with our customers and to meet their changing needs. "

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