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Atterosklerożi. The sleep & # 39; less than six hours to damage the heart (even)

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The sleep & # 39; less than six hours is bad for health and it is not really new. A recent study concluded that sleep contributes wrong or bad for the formation of & # 39; plaques in arteries but not only in the whole body veins.

Short nights & # 39; sleep, or poor sleep, are related to appearance & # 39; plaques in the arteries that cause cardiovascular disease. However, a study published this – at last – American College of Cardiology, Shows for the first time that this effect is not exclusive arteries.

According to scientists, the effect covers not only the blood but also the network of veins throughout the body, t increasing the risk of circulatory diseases, Strokes, cardiovascular disease and digestive problems.

"This is the first study showing b & # 39; objectively that bedtime is associated with & # 39; atherosclerosis [espessamento interno das veias devido à formação de placas] on the whole body, "said research coordinator, José Ordovás, Of the University of Tufts, in the United States.

According to Diário de Noticias, the study analyzed about 4,000 people, b & # 39; average age & # 39; 46 years without history & # 39; heart disease.

Researchers gave participants recorder quality of sleep and measure the number of hours that were rqdu every night, the number of times qomu, and changes between the various stages sleep

Having analyzed this – all the data, work – scientists crossed – participants in & # 39; four & # 39; groups, according to -. T the duration of the period of your sleep – less than six hours; seven & # 39; up to eight hours and more than eight hours – and all performed scans and heart scans & # 39; tomography calculated at the beginning and end of the study for purposes & # 39; matching.

With all the data obtained and analyzed, the team of researchers was able to conclude that the participants rqdu less than six hours per night 27% higher risk of developing atherosclerosis in blood vessels throughout the body, Compared with those rqdu eight hours a night.

The ġiganteska list & # 39; widespread damage to health caused by poor sleep or a bad cause the enough reasons to pay attention to this issue. Now a new study adds another.

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