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3000 solution in Bulgaria will not vote for mayor in autumn

photo of a 3000 settlement in Bulgaria will not vote for mayor in autumn

photo: BGNES

Nearly 3,000 people in Bulgaria will not elect mayor of the local elections in autumn. The reason is that these cities and towns under 350 people live, says Nova TV.

One of the key people in the villages concern is that none of the most important in & # 39; populous place – the mayor, pop and teacher – is left to anyone.

It is unfair, in my opinion, that nikkastiga to the mayor for not realizing anything in the agreement because m & # 39; no corresponding revenue …

The school in the village of & # 39; of & # 39 Montana; Tserovene Gorno died in the ruins, and people began to fail. Those who are left dependent on the mayor. For the last ten years in Montana village, residents declined by almost 200 people.
From 2016, a change in the Electoral Code, limit & # 39; 150 people in populated areas, which will appoint an official mayor, is adjusted.

In the municipality of & # 39; Montana in just 2/3 of & # 39; the villages will not be elected mayor of the mayoralty, but appointed ex officio. The others, who have only 8, will have a choice. But in & # 39; Gorno Tserovene will not have this opportunity.
And m & # 39; there is no village more than 350 people, including the municipality, the municipality of Maked.

greater responsibilities of local authorities and mayors fines due to poor quality of the atmospheric air are provided in the approval …


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