Wednesday , July 28 2021

A woman was beaten by her father, brother and his nephew – News from Bulgaria

A woman of 29 years from the village of Mustrak is battered by her father, brother and her nephew. This was announced by ODMWR-Haskovo.

19 & # 39; January at 09.30 in tel.112 message was received by a third & # 39; 26 years & # 39; Sri Lanka. He said that currently lives in the village with his girlfriend & # 39; 29 years. His father, ħuhha and the invażew grandson to her home in ages & # 39; 60, 36 and 14, respectively. Because old dispute between them, started a war.

The men broke the glass of the house and hitting the door & # 39; after BMW, which is owned & # 39; the complainant.

They also swept the child by hitting him with your hands and foot area of ​​the head, back and legs. Doctors found wounds on the body. The girl was examined and released for home care.

After the warning, the three assailants are held within 24 hours under Art. 216 par. 1 of the Penal Code.


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