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Dow Jones celebrated his best day for more than two weeks ::

Dow Jones scored his best day for over two weeks

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The US markets started Friday with strong growth in the stock appreciation background & # 39; some companies & # 39; disturbing technology after a sharp decline in the past week, CNBC reports.

The blue chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average added 354 points to its value and reached a level & # 39; 24640.24 points, and showed strong growth in its most & # 39; more than two weeks. Wide Measurement S & P 500 advanced by 1.55% to a level & # 39; 2673.45 points. The Indicator Technology Nasdaq Composite also finished in green territory with & # 39; & # 39 increase, 2.06% to a level & # 39; 7081.85 points.

The Book & # 39; Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and the parent company & # 39; Google, alphabet, Increased by & # 39; at least 1%.
Last week, the stock price & # 39; & # 39 Facebook fell; against criticism on how the company decided to use its platform by Russian officials in their attempts to influence the US presidential elections. Apple sank last week as investors were concerned about the decline in sales of the iPhone

"This is part of a normal process from the bottom up. It will take some time before they get out of it," says Bruce McCain, chief strategy & # 39; investment in Private Private Bank. "But as the economy grows well and profits continue to grow, we have a chance to reach a new high" between the first and second quarter of 2019, he adds. "It will be troublesome time, there is much to worry. But as long as the economy remains & # 39; b & # 39; her health, we should be OK," said McCain.

The movement of the index on Monday to as mark of their worst week of Thanksgiving in 2011, whereas the sale of technology stocks and oil prices put traders in & # 39; a & # 39; risk regime. Just Friday, the price of oil fell by & # 39; about 8%.

The Book & # 39; General Motors increased 4% after the company announced plans to cut production f & # 39; number & # 39; factories and reducing the number of & # 39; employees by 15%. The cost containment plan is more drastic than investors' expectations.

The retailers prices rose as the sales of Black Friday online reached record $ 6.22 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. The record sales increased by 23.6% from last year. SPDR S & P Retail ETF with (XRT) increased by 2% thanks to market growth GameStop, Amazon and The Brands.

Investors also expect a statement from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell later this week. He must speak to the New York Economic Club on Wednesday. Latest from sales, investors were worried about the future of monetary policy at a time when the central bank was to consolidate its approach. The Fed is expected to raise rates at & # 39; December following a tightening of monetary policy three times earlier this year. The next year, the central bank should raise interest three times.

Investors will also follow a policy this week, b & # 39; subjects are dominating the G20 summit in Argentina and Brexit. The summit of the most b & # 39 economies leaders, world health will sue the President of the United States Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Cz Jinpin, within & # 39; commercial pressure intense between the two countries. Simultaneously The United Kingdom received the support of & # 39; the European Union to withdraw from the block.

In bond markets, the yield on Securities of the US government & # 39; 10 years grew to 3,068%, and Bonds & # 39; 30 years increased to 3.321%.

In foreign exchange markets The index of the dollar, Which measures the value & # 39; US dollar against a basket of & # 39; six major currencies, rose 0.17 percent to 97.08 points. The euro decreased by & # 39; 0.12% to a level & # 39; 1.1326 dollars per euro. it yen the dollar appreciated by 0.54% to 113.55 yen per dollar.

In the commodity market, oil prices rose as a way to offset some of the serious losses in the & # 39; previous session, although growth was limited by uncertainty about global economic growth and new signs of & # 39; increasing supply.

Futures & # 39; Reference Brent increased 1.67 dollars to 60.47 dollars a barrel after having dropped 6% on Friday. Contracts of light crude oil & # 39; USA (WTI) Added 1.21 dollars to its value to 51.63 dollars a barrel after deduction of & # 39; 7.7% on Friday.

Future & # 39; United States on gold reaching $ 1222.40 per ounce troika.

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