Sunday , April 2 2023

Kuzman Iliev pointed out what a paradox awaits us with diesel and petrol cars!


We are still closed, and there is no supply. There is great demand, but there is no supply and the price has gone up. This was stated by economist Kuzman Iliev to BNT.

What we can do is prepare to have strategies through the National Plan for Reconstruction and Development, Iliev said. Inflation is a product of money supply. He said central banks are creating a huge money supply.

Average inflation in the Eurozone is much lower than inflation in Bulgaria. Accumulated inflation in the Eurozone is around 35%, and in Bulgaria more than 100%, Iliev was categorical.

Kuzman Iliev warned of a major catastrophe in Europe and ignited the shooting of a minister, which could cost Bulgaria dearly

The green deal is already here and is happening. He jumped and jumped on stage, Kuzman Iliev said. The paradox is that in 2035 we should have neither petrol nor diesel cars, only electric ones.

However, where will we have such electricity, asked Kuzman Iliev. For his part, economist Stoyan Panchev is of the opinion that there could be a normalization of the situation, but the outpouring should stop.

Exactly the countries from Central and Eastern Europe, which entered the Eurozone, have higher inflation, Panchev remarked. He is skeptical about the Green Deal and believes the capability should be developed like bitcoin.

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