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Mads Mickelsen makes Hannibal Lecter very different from Anthony Hopkins


The main characters in the series PHOTO: ARCHIVE

Mads Mickelsen made no mistake when he agreed to play the most famous cannibal psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter in the eponymous series since 2013. Although the psycho-thriller was never renewed after its third season, it remained one of the best roles of the Danish actor. his talent in Hollywood.

Hannibal’s story begins with a crime that the FBI must investigate. The head of the behavioral analysis unit in the office, Jack Crawford, hired profiler Will Graham for such cases. The young agent is extremely good at his job, as he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, due to which he can really put himself in the place of the criminals. On the one hand, Graham can understand what makes them commit the crime, the model by which they target their victims. But at the same time, he carries a huge psychological burden on the young man, which is why his boss decides to be monitored by psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter.

An interesting connection soon develops between the two, which helps solve even the most complicated criminal case.

The series is based on Thomas Harris’ novels “The Red Dragon” and “Hannibal” and was first released on April 4, 2013. Its three seasons are divided into a kitchen. French, Japanese and Italian depending on the links on the website. plot, as the title of each episode is culinary.

Awesome, but also full of surprises, defines Mickelsen’s second season, which he now runs every evening from 11.30pm on BNT. In it, viewers will see unpredictable bumps, complicated situations and Lecter, very different from Anthony Hopkins ’character.

This is the main goal of the team – to show a new picture of the well-known psychopath, and Mickelsen does a brilliant job.

“We were all afraid that it would be difficult to escape his image, which became an icon of modern cinema. After a while I discussed exactly what we intended to do, I realized that we had absolutely no intention of copying anyone. I just had to relax. , breathe and lift the air – and I try to start building the image right at this moment, from this place, ”says the Dane.

In the other lead role – FBI profiler Will Graham, is English actor Hugh Dancey, known for the TV adaptation of “David Copperfield” and the action “Black Hawk.” The three-part star of The Matrix, Lauren Fishburne, plays boss Jack Crawford, and Gillian Anderson, or The X-Files Agent Scully, plays Hannibal Lecter, a psychotherapist.

Years after the end of the series, his fans still hope he will have a sequel.

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