Thursday , October 6 2022

Murray Stoilov When Levski losing game, my name always comes & # 39;


Stanimir Stoilov also rejected the possibility of taking Levski in the near future. Murray was called by colleagues & # 39; Darrick on the occasion of today's publication was again & # 39 others, coach of the Blues.

Earlier in the day, the Russev Spas owner categorically denied such a move, and at a later stage the football federation Kazakh languages ​​announced that it had no chance to share it & # 39; Stoilov before completion -kuntratt his national team.

"When Levski lost a match, my name always came to be contacted and intrigue created," Stoilov said laconically.

Spas Rusev rejected the appointment & # 39; Stanimir Stoilov in & # 39; Levski

Spas Rusev for appointment & # 39; Murray: Other fake news!

"The future of & # 39; Slaviša Stojanovic is not subject to discussion"

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