Wednesday , June 23 2021

Newcastle Launches Third Win Over Success During Burnley – World Football – England

Newcastle earned a third consecutive win in the Premier League. At the end of the thirteenth round of the duel, "Swords" field 2: 1 Burnley on Thorpe Moore.

The first target & # 39; Raphael Benitez felt for & # 39; 4 minutes after power & # 39; Ben Mee after shot of & # 39; Kean Clark. Last win a second goal on 23 minutes. For the hosts, Sam Vauks was right.

The meeting started half an hour later. The reason was that shortly before the release of the two constituents in the tunnel, the Chief Observer was injured Eddie Woodshoum & # 39 ;. So, having given medical help, was taken to the hospital, and the first referee sounds & # 39; 22: 30 instead of 22: 00.

Otherwise, the fight itself was attractive in & # 39; many situations both before two doors. Both teams showed a correct match, the first yellow card was shown in the fourth & # 39; minutes of added time the match. Matt Richie got.

Newcastle led Burnley in the thirteenth session of the Premier League. Having made the right corner of & # 39; attack, the ball has been in play and & # 39; Cairn Clark, who was in the front door before the arc pennank. He fired a shot with his right foot, obtained rebound in & # 39; Ben and Mie shot went over the home network to 1: 0.

The lead & # 39; Newcastle launched to 2-0 in 23 minutes. The goal was the same as the first – after corner, filled the right of the door & # 39; Burnley. The guests were short, then segwaw in the area & # 39; & # 39 penalties; Richie and Clark got Keiran overcomes the net.

The intriga in the game was returned in 40 minutes. In essence Vouks Sam managed to lose in a difficult position, having managed to pass goalkeeper Dubravka to 1: 2.

After the break, the guests arrived to a very clean situation after 50 minutes. Matt Ritchie made a big break in the pennant and dangerous shot, but the ball went over the left pillar.

Burnley replied on 68 minutes Chris Wood managed to control a bouncing ball in the box, set and shoot, but reflected watchdog.

The "Sharks" had a chance to settle the match in 79 minutes. Hoselo left many clean position on the left and made a great shot on the floor, but the shot aimed at the left pillar.

In the remaining minutes to the end, both teams did not stop attacking, but received no new hits.

Does & # 39; this development has brought Newcastle 12 points in 13th place. Burnley is 17 and ninth & # 39; place.

In the fourteenth round, the "swarm" take West Ham, while Burnley host Crystal Palace.

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