Friday , March 24 2023

Remember one of the "golden girls"


One of the "golden girls" of indigenous rhythmic gymnastics – Christiana Todorova celebrate its 23 anniversary.

It was part of the ensemble that won bronze medals at the Olympics in & # 39; Rio de Janeiro.

Christiana m & # 39; longer active in her career and act as judge

But it has recently admitted that it was the victim of & # 39; extortion. insisted his account was hacked and was asked to return the money.

Photo: Instagram

"A few days ago, I hacked profile, was not blocked anyone, not ħassejtx my account on purpose, group & # 39; hackers entered and broke my account, then ikkuntattjajtni, wanted redemption, for sirtlajt money, and heddedni. you linked & # 39; something related to & # 39; update or make changes in istrame. I had to make a new profile, so friends who want to follow me under the username hristiana.todorova , "wrote Hristiana Todorova.

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