Friday , March 24 2023

"Sirma Group Holding" bought all the shares of & # 39; one of its subsidiaries ::


Sirma Group Holding brought all its shares in & # 39; one of its subsidiaries

Photo: Pixabay

Sirma Group Holding AD acquired 13 902 Class A shares and 2 024 ordinary shares of its subsidiary Sirma AD Enterprise Systems, said the public company. The procurement decision has been taken in & # 39; meeting of the Board of Directors & # 39; Sirma Group Holding, held on 23 & # 39; November 2018.

The company explains that the solution is in implementing the Growth Strategy and their growth.

The total price of the shares is 140,000 BGN, and through this solution for the acquisition & # 39; shares, Sirma Group Holding AD owns 100% of the capital of its subsidiary Sirma Enterprises SA.

During a meeting of the Board of Directors as part of Sirma Group Holding today, decided to change the name & # 39; Sirma Sirma AI to Enterprise Systems and adopted a new statute for the company.

also used purchases & # 39; Ontotext by Sirma AI, with the company's purchase price equal to the net asset value.

For the past twelve months the share & # 39; Sirma Group Holding AD decreased by & # 39; 5.83% to 0.97 BGN per share.

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