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Switzerland has moved youngsters away from Euro 2023 – BG Football – National team


The national youth football team lost 0: 1 against its Swiss counterpart in the European qualification. The only goal in the flooded stadium at Slavia Stadium was scored by Kastriot Imeri at the end of the first half. Filip Krastev’s finish was close to scoring.

Successfully, the Crusaders collected 10 points and remain leaders in the group. Ours are in second place in the standings with six points.

The meeting began in the same way. In the 6th minute Martin Petkov committed a breach against Zoom on the right of the penalty area. Amery tried to hit the door, but the ball hit the wall and went into the corner. Guests stay longer in the middle of the “lions”. Emery made two more attempts to hit, but to no avail. In the 16th minute, the Swiss organized a dangerous counterattack. Reeder led Okafor to the left. The striker was completely alone, invaded the penalty area, but ran the ball hard and Hristov managed to catch it.

Ten minutes later, Emery suddenly centered off a direct free kick, and Hristov came out unexpectedly. Viktor Popov neatly controlled the ball after a short corner, and knocked it on to Ndoye who had the whole net open before him, but only managed to hit the post. In the 34th minute Bulgaria was close to scoring. Mitkov found Gruev on a nearby crossbar. Werder’s midfielder went on to Petrov, who sent the ball over the goal from a few meters. The guests responded immediately with an excellent attack, but Okafor lost the ball.

In the 42nd minute Petkov tried a pass to Filip Krastev from the left. After this, you could see that the players of ricochet were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals. The goalkeeper didn’t react well and the ball ended up in the net. However, it turned out that the Bulgarian football player was in an ambush position, and in addition, there were doubts that the ball ended up.

Two minutes later, the Crusaders took the lead. Guests were given the opportunity to take a direct free kick about 20 meters from the door. After the ball there was Amery, who suddenly in the right corner, despite the intervention of Hristov, pulled the net.

The second half began with an excellent intervention by Martin Atanasov. Okafor found himself alone against the goalkeeper after a mistake by Chernev. However, Slavia managed to kill the ball with a great split before the attacker fired. In the 68th minute Hristov intervened well after a shot by Imeri from a direct free kick.

In the 80th minute Chernev made a mistake, which allowed Okafor to remove the ball from him. However, the attacker decided to shoot without preparation, but inaccurately. Six minutes later, Reeder combined with Amery. The goalkeeper advanced and fired on the diagonal. During the match, Popov’s shot from distance ranged into the corner after a ricochet. Following his performance, Petrov tried a pair of scissors, but the ball was cleared in front of the goal line.


0: 1 Kastriot Imeri (45)

Initial formations:

Bulgaria: 12. Damyan Hristov, 6. Viktor Popov, 20. Simeon Petrov, 4. Atanas Chernev, 18. Dimitar Stoyanov, 14. Filip Krastev (74 – Stanev), 8. Iliya Gruev (74-Baurenski), 15. Martin Atanasov, 19. Mitko Mitkov (81 – Minchev), 9. Martin Petkov (62 – Angelov), 10. Vladimir Nikolov / k /

Reservations: 1. Victor Nikolov, 2. Dimo ​​Krastev, 5. Ioan Baurenski, 7. Stanislav Shopov, 11. Martin Minchev, 13. Kolyo Stanev, 16. Martin Dichev, 21. Denislav Angelov, 22. Asen Donchev.

Breeder: Alexander Dimitrov.

Switzerland: 1. Zajpi, 20. Omeragič, 4. Stergiu / k / (46-Husič), 5. Burh, 17. Kronih, 8. Jankevic, 6. Zoom, 22. Rijder, 10. Imeri (90 – Krasniki), 14 Ndoje (86 – Stojlkovic), 7. Okafor (82-Amduni)

Reservations: 21. Keller, 2. Husic, 3. Oko, 9. Stojlkovic, 13. Adrian, 15. Bares, 16. Schupbach, 18. Krasniki, 23. Amduni

Breeder: Mauro Lustrineli.

Zh.k: Petrov, Atanasov (Bulgaria); Ndoye, Imeri, Zoom, Omeragic, Jankevich, Amduni (Switzerland).

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