Friday , March 24 2023

The erection & # 39 "Gerena";: Niki Mihaylov signed with & # 39; Levski


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Running & # 39; Levski Nikolay Mihaylov reached an agreement. The experienced goalkeeper, who last ran in & # 39; Omonia (Nicosia), now blue player.

It is known that Gerena already made several attempts to get Mihaylov, but the visitors also met & # 39; to & # 39; Russev spas, but Nicky rejected the offer in the summer after speculation about his salary.

This time, the "blue" managed to get back to the keeper. The last week passed a medical examination Mikhailov & # 39; success made it clear that it was b & # 39; his health, but had to take a few pounds to take its shape.

"Yes, I am again & # 39 others, the Levski football player, I hope that I & # 39; help the Blues with experience in & # 39; the last 12 years, I am not in optimal shape why not rrispettajtx May but soon lost football and Spas Rusev urejtni great respect and desire to niġbedlek. "

"Everybody knows that I have left of my birth, which will be even greater incentive for me." The fans Levski fans are the first number in Bulgaria when they joined the team, the club always been. There will soon be successful in & # 39; Gerena and the history of the club, "said Mihaylov to Sportal.

In 2007 Nikolay gone from Levski Liverpool, but failing minutes, then was hired in Dutch Twente. Since 2010, the Dutch club mifdih, which is the best time in his career.

Mihailov has a total of & # 39; 15 games for the first team & # 39; Levski by playing in group A, the Bulgarian Cup, the UEFA Cup and Champions League. It's his last Champions League game for the capitalists when wrongly victory 0: 3 in Werder (Bremen) in the stadium "Vasil Levski".

He debuted before he was 16 years in the league barring 90 minutes in the victory & # 39; 2-1 on the Black Sea at Georgi Asparuhov Stadium.

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