Sunday , June 11 2023

& # 39; Lots & # 39; hug & # 39; a call center & # 39; Cape Breton open again & # 39; opened under new ownership


SYDNEY, N.S. – Wednesday, weeks after its previous owner closed in & # 39; blow the facility who managed hundreds & # 39; free work just people before the holiday season, the center & # 39; shuttat calls in & # 39; Cape Breton came to life Wednesday.

Workers showing changes in the 9: 30 am iffajljaw their Call Center Inc. in Sydney, newly constructed, the site of the former center of ServiCom closing without notice on 6 December.

Todd Riley, vice president of operations, said about 275 people were expected to report to work Wednesday from around 465 were hired back & # 39; now.

He said that some were so excited to return to work showed early hours.

"It was fantastic – there was very hug, many people say, & # 39; Thank you & # 39; and & # 39; I am glad to rritornajt back, & # 39; & # 39; Riley said about the mood in the space & # 39; a large office and open.

"It definitely days following wonderful for everyone in & # 39; this certificate call center and I really think that people gathered and stuck by each other."

Trader & # 39; Iowa Anthony Marlowe confirmed 23 & # 39; In December it purchased the former call center of & # 39; & # 39 ServiCom in; auction was part of proceedings & # 39; failure of the company in the United States.

Marlowe Companies Inc. said earlier this week that more than 450 people have already applied for positions in the Sydney Call Center.

If hired during the next month, workers with & # 39; experience of the call center of the last 90 days will receive a starting bonus of & # 39; $ 300, with the base pay levels and holidays from their employer before and improved benefits.

The starting pay for workers who have been employed, will increase to $ 12 an hour from $ 11 per hour.

All work programs will resume until 14 January, and the company is still accepting applications. Riley is hoping to return to levels & # 39; jobs to around 650 & # 39; Last March since March and April.

"We had a very good response from people who wanted to come back, so the second part of & # 39; it is now working to all those guys come back ASAP on wages," said Riley.

The employees are dealing with calls to OnStar and AT & T, and details are being finalized for two other customers. Riley said the company is looking to expand even in & # 39; other parts of Canada, but offered no details.

"We will look at options for potentially more sites in Canadian demographics, so there are many things that will happen," he said.

MCI was in negotiations to buy Mainland call center in the weeks before closing in & # 39; his blows, which left about 600 unemployed and without their last paycheque. Marlowe offered $ 1.5 million for toll builders call center, and b & # 39; so got two other interested buyers.

The sale has been helpful to many in the community, who suffered from chronic levels of high unemployment and few options offered to workers.

The majority of workers were given about four weeks behind on payment, obligation that Marlowe company said it is ServiCom.

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